Tuesday 25 September 2012

Custom Firmware: RM-356 Nokia 5800- Daylight

Nokia 5800 RM-356 Daylight CFW 12 N5800 by paul Vity

This is my last work, based on the port of C6 v42.0.004 for Nokia 5800 v60.0.003, this latest version for Symbian S60v5 phone.

Major improvements in this CFW:

-Mod to improve system performance, helping to get more free RAM for demanding apps and making the phone more fluid.
-Appearance Belle almost to the Belle itself with app Belle topbar (Autoinstaller), clock with new skins Belle and Belle Navibar Symbian.

CFW-clean, with only major apps, the rest Autoinstaller.

Daylight-New Topic Blake belle custom icons and wallpapers nuevos.Tema edited by me and optimized for Belle topbar.

-Improved behavior of lights, display lights after giving touch in it, lights off while charging and tapping the white button.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Set the sleep time while smaller screen lock key to so touch the screen image back out and not spend so much battery with the key lock / desbloqueoo with the tap to unlock.
By default the phone shuts down and locks within 60 seconds, adjust the taste of each the two times I have said above.

-New default tones and messages in Nokia call 808.

-Sound and Dolby codecs Nokia 808, an improved sound impressive, both with headphones and with the speaker phone.

It returns to the HS-pressing the button off, out menu in any folder or menu.

-Mod change and increased Cache and shared between C and E to run apps faster.

Belle topbar-Version updated to version 2.1 R3 modified by me, without Mingun fallo.Con instalados.App in Autoinstaller.Se several skins can use skins to version 3.0, not installed on this CFW to have failures.

New 4x11-qwerty keyboard version, with new symbols.

-Player 15.2 does not pass updated HS, stays in the club menu.

-Removed call vibration and physical key lock for added battery savings.

-Mod Permissions JAVA, will come out no more errors when installing JAVA apps.

Mini Menu to connect headphones or accessories.

New Camera Mod-RAM, so that when leaving this does not continue consuming system RAM.

-New update of Opera Mini 7.0 Next in Autoinstaller.

CFW description:

Port C6 v42 to v60 N5800.
Spanish-Language English 04 and 01.
Daylight-Topic Blake edited by me for looking good Belle, bugs have been fixed from previous versions which did not come out some letters and icons.
-Startup of N9/Meego, black background with white Nokia logo, common in my last CFWS.
Start-Animation Nokia 5800.
Belle-default icons and icons Glossy if one changes the default theme.
3x4 and 2x6-Menu landscape.
-Symbian Navibar Belle Belle Belle Deskclock.Estas topbar and last 2 to autostart.
Mod-exclusive which removes the Status Bar and signal and battery icons for a smooth running of the app Belle topbar.
Belle-Dialer icon.
Notifications widget-Belle.
-New effects gagan1491.
-Blocking Notifications touch with calls and messages.
-Web Browser 7.3.133 latest version.
-Maps latest version 3.6 with 3D maps and free for Latin American countries.
-Conversations in Messaging.
-6 Pages of symbols in messages.
-Mod to improve video camera and photos, with video stabilizer.
Mod-Punk lighting and Mara.
-Mod battery saving.
-Mod of increased sensitivity WIFI.
-Mod best touchscreen sensitivity.
-Nod not open apps in the background, so there is less consumption of RAM.
EQ player-one touch, just click once to change the EQ.
-Word message removed from the keyboards.
-Removed the option open apps and help submenus.
-Option to delete Photos.
Video-Suite with access to RealPlayer.
-Apps by default:
Nokia Maps, Calculator, Converter, Notes and Active notes, MemCheck, Clock Belle, Auto-, RealPlayer, Dicionario, Message Reader, Writer, Mail, Web Browser, Search, Settings Wizard, Voice Commands.
-Apps in Autoinstaller:
Belle topbar 2.1 R3, Opera Mini 7.0 Next, RamblowPro, KillMe, WinRar, ScreenSnap, RomPatche r + 3.1, EasyKeylock.

Thanks to Smartphone Universe, Walter Group, All In s60v5, PNHT, Daily Mobile, Geraa, Mikeloko, Walter, Cristian and Xabi (for the qwerty keyboard), Leon Santos, Sekijo, Snaky, Punky, elduro1987, Consuelo Castro, Drakurboy, RRNGRR, Maesma and if I forget someone, sorry.

Please note:

'As the CFW is installed run the app auto-installer to have the most important apps as CFW Belle topbar.

-This is the latest CFW I do for the Nokia 5800, Nokia left the kitchen at the moment and will return one day to another Operting System.

-This is the only version I've got now, but I promise to do the same but with a bar topbar normal.

Thank you for using my work and that you enjoy.


CORE C6v42 N5800v60


Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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