Monday 24 September 2012

Custom Firmware: Rm- 675 Nokia C7 Euro3 Awakening V5 Refresh

[Update Release v4.3-v5!!]Nokia C7 RM-675 111.40.1511 Euro3 Awakening V5 Refresh

Hi my Friend!

I updated the Awakening!
Release: 111.40.1511 RM-675 EURO3
CUSTOME VERSION: S^3.1 Enigma Awakenint v5

Changelog: Nokia - Original S ^ 3

Marco Belina - Nokia Cooker

freaxs_r_us, Strategist, Coderus, Taylor, Schklan, Kalininvs, iextras7, dhdesigner, Ancel, Wook, Caren, Alexandro aka esc10sive
and many others!!!!!!!

Language list:

25 Czech
01,d English
03 German
17 Hungaryan
27 Polish
37 Arabic
31 Chinese
57 Hebrew
18 Dutch
96 Vietnamese

-Animations folder added to Drive c:\data\Anim\
-Effects folder added to Drive e:(only copy your effect and activate theme effect)
-default light timeout 30 sec
-Added Xplore 1.58 (free)
-Added Tweaks 1.12
- C. drive 356 MB free space
-Modded my Avkon2.mif Battery, network and Headphone indicator color changed Blue-White
-Cpu-Gpu and Battery mod improving
-More ram for aps v6
-All widget worked the rom
-Latest Installserver.exe added for Rom
-My theme effect mix (Z:)
-The UDA Fully Cleaned!
- HomeScreen 100 can be created and deleted as well
-Browser Cache-E: \
-CPU and GPU to increase and better video game experience
-Increasing heap size, accelerated closure of Applications
-Several applications of the ram-V6
-Lock screen in landscape mode
-Rotate Screen-accelerated
-Font exchanged
-Restart feature in the power button is pressed
-Enable Hidden-icons
-Four-row QWERTY keyboard Hungarian
-English, Deutch, Hungaryan, Polish Language only
-XCAP-increasing cache
-Cache-8x some optimization
-RP 3.1 + integrated with all Belle Patch
-Custom Widgets Skin by Kang Shao
-Slide-Shows, Music Player, Animation, Big Clock Screen Saver
-Call Waiting on callr eport on, sms caracter support full
-M4C35-custome Profile
-M4C35 custome Startup
-Bluetooth and FM Transmitter: Nokia C7
-fp1 faworite contact widget added
-Fixed-Wifi and Gps
-Memory card icon in the notification bar
-Send-protected files from BT
-Improved battery life
-Ovi-registration is switched on disabled
-Applications and folders / subfolders add, rename or delete
-High-quality stereo recording, 256Kbps 12h
-Music player volume to 100%
-Answer Age-and demolition quiver
-FP1-application management
-Close programs will remain after the gramme
-Phonebook, messages, etc.. does not start when turned on
-Improved Camera
-Equalizer and meta-data editing capabilities
-High-volume with applications
-After rebooting, the network connection and the download will continue
-profile search song C:\ E:\ Music folder
-Gallery Sesrch galley Musicplayer Search Music folder only
-Installserver.exe ROM HACK
BUG REPORT: system tone not work{only key and screen tone!} the eq setting is the problem.

The installation shall be carried out in DeadPhone mode!
NO Restore data! Before flash delete system, private, sys, resourch folder drive e and f !
Syncronize your data the OVI suite NO the phone backup!!

Update: the download folder containing two file
1.: original wallpaper and ringtone
2.: remived apop. Only copy\paste drive C: and restart phone!




Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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