Monday 24 September 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 596 Nokia N8 Belle Refresh(Epic belle)

NOKIA N8 RM-596 v111.040.1511- Belle Refresh 

(Epic belle)


This is my 1st CFW for Nokia Belle Refresh.

DO NOTE that this CFW is English only.

Thanks to Freaxs_r_us cause I use his CFW as a base..

The Firmware has (+-) 215MB free space on C:\


RM-596 Nokia N8
Custom Firmware
Epis Belle

-default settings changed
-home screen settings/mod
 -unlimited home screen mod
 -first home screen can be deleted
 -no widget arrangement only Music Player Widget on HS 3 ( can customize on your own)
   -added background images (image from 808 thanks to PVN13)
 -menu arrangement (thanks to Strategist)
   -predefined settings for
      -mod to rename all profile name
       -epis will be default name for general
       -default tone and message
      -summary after call on by default
      -show call duration on by default
      -shown to all by default
    -handset and speaker volume
    -clock & calendar
      -Default tone changed

-apps updated/moved
 -Nokia Belle FP1 Taskmanager
 -Video & Photo Editor moved to rofs
 -added new widgets
 -contacts, communications
 -digital clock trublack provide by Selvasathyam
 -FP1 keyboard
 -New conversation mod
 -FP2 tones

-browser mods
  -removed all bookmarks
  -removed default feeds
  -set browser cache to infinite
  -set as default homepage
  -toplevel domains (com,net,org,se)

-music player mods
  -music player search E:\Music, F:\Music
  -music player heap to 30MB
   -equalizer mod
  -metadata editor

-kinetic scrolling improvement
  -by ancelad

-hacked by
 -disabled active diverts
 -rename apps in main menu
 -create subfolders in main menu
 -alarm mod 2.0
  -alarm tone duration set to 5min
 -symbols for profiles and power button menu
 -more symbols mod (5 pages)
  -by contrinsan
 -CPU & GPU modded for better Performance and Batterylife
 -heap size & closing delay modifie
 -more ram for apps v6
 -"V" splashscreen

-support for custom startup animation
  -name and place your files on e:\animations
    - e:\animations\startup.mp3
    - e:\animations \startup.gif
  -folder "e:\animations\ created after first boot
  -removed default startup animation & sound

-support for custom theme effects
  -Casual Belle effect from Allstar123!
    - effects are taken from z:\resource\effects
  -copy custom effects into e:\effects
  - folder "e:\ effects" created after first boot
    -just turn on your theme effect after flash, and effects will work.

-removed stuff
  -NOKIACOO ~0 when connected to PC
  -fota cache to 0
  -excluded some folders from gallery
  -apps removed from startup
    -phonebook, messaging, calendar, clock, log
  -MyNokia is disabled
  -no Nokia Account activation at first boot
  -removed preinstalled apps
    -Ovi Music
    -Quick Office
    -Adobe Reader LE
    -Nokia Store
    -Microsoft Communicator

-added application on rofs
 -mifeditor (you need to install mif recognizer to make it work)

that’s all for now..

thanks to iextra7,the_one,PVN13,strategist,nicesoni_ash,allstars123,ichris701,
and many more..

if his/her name not in the list..please tell me, I will update it.
sorry guys.. Sad

download :

core :
rofs2 :
rofs3 :
uda :
Ape :
Other files :

hope u can enjoy it..



Remember that installing CFW's can brick your phone if you don't understand the process of doing it so use them at your OWN RISK.

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Thanks Guys... Happy Flashing...

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