Wednesday 26 September 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 625/588 Nokia 5233/5230- PlayBoy

NOKIA 5233/ 5230

RM 625/ 588 OFW PlayBoy CFW(16-6-12)

A Simplest Custom Firmware For Nokia 5233 Based On Orignal Firmware

Orignal Blog Here...

Added RAM Blow Pro

Camera bug is Fixed Fully (Thanks to vgp)

Added Orignal Audio Codecs

Music Player Also Finds E:/Sounds/Digital

FP1 Coming Tonight

PNHT: For building a platform, for the mods, for the apps, for Everything!

Binh24: For the C6-Ports

LPHS, Team 008Rohit n Envy-Unleashed: For making the C6-Structured OFW!

Mods: Dan-av, Mara-, Upakul, NP, babu.rajiv2007, pirats-killer, Aeronliru, die2mrw007, Liliantungary and other great symbian modders

Special Credits: lrajesh555 (Rajesh Pattnaik) who helped me a lot for PlaboyCFW.

Forums: PNHT, Dailymobile, Gizmolord.

And Finally Me For Something..

(Plz sorry if i am forgot anyone to mention in credits, just Comment here and i will add them.. )

I spcially created this CFW on request of many people who wants Orignal Firmware with little Moddification.

CPU speed Increased (Balanced with Battery life)

Starter files Edited so phone boots a lot faster.

Heap Size Highly Increased for heavy loading and Browsing

Belle kinetic scrolling by mr_gourav2000, Now scroll thousands of messages with No lags.

All Background Apps doesnt run in background so we will get max. RAM!

System Cache Highly Increased!

UI Highly Polished for Smoothness and Performance!

CPU and Battery Mod is balanced so enjoy Speed with Battery life.

Totally Default Nokia Icons Used, Now no more white icons in menus and in options.

Default icons perfectly suits with 3rd party apps icon.

Use a Anna Theme so 3rd party icons also changed with theme and phone look perfect.

New Smilies like C6 and N97.

Nokia Pure Fonts are used which looks pretty with 6 page Symboles.

A Awesome Glossy Swipe To Unlock in Shiny RED color.

Now Lights behave perfectly totaly like OFW. Diming with light.

Some Important Folders are added in Menu.

Symbian Menu busy circle.

Mailbox removed completely from phone and Messaging menu. (Opera Mini is much better for E-Mail)

Menu Arrengment with new icons, icons changes according to theme.

Center text

Extended Menu

Alphanumeric Keyboard by dan-av

N8 Qwerty Layout by dan-av

3 Row Qwerty (3x10) now you can type fastly without misstouch.

Voice Recording Quality increased and set to max

Voice Recorder will record up to 1 hour now!

Music Player searches only E:\Music\

Samung INNIV8 Audio Codects Added.( Exclusively)

New Nokia Browser (A lot Faster and supports HTML5)

New overall Browsing Experience by Nokia!

Internet and Browsing Cache moved to C:\ for best performance (if we moved it to E:\ then browser stop to working after removing MMC)

No browser bugs in OFW at all!

Belle buttons and Anna icons in the browser

Video Camera Frame Rates Highly Increased

Camera image quality set to max!

Now camera won’t stay in the background after exit it, saves 5mb RAM!

Clock set to 12 Hours by default

Analog Clock set as default

New Clock Fonts used

Light Intensity: 75%

Light Time-out: 45sec

Playboy Dark theme added (Code Shadow by Drigz) as Default.

Playboy Red theme added (RED_Morvin_DI_Ovi by IND190)

Zoom Theme Effects like IPhone with no Waitings.

Enjoy theme effects with speed and RAM.

Bluetooth renamed to ‘Playboy’

Profile renamed to ‘Playboy’

Belle Kinetic Scrolling is much smoother with awesome stability!

Custom Versions changed!

"Restart!" key in place of "Lock Screen and keys" !

No vibration while Lock/Unlock

Orignal Black Nokia Splashscreen Added! (Feel Official)

MAX RAM is 75mb! (It is the last limit for v51, more than 75mb of RAM is not possible, dont belive on old Previews)

Average Stable RAM is 70mb.

Moded MediaBar as following...

1. Music Player

2. Gallery

3. BTSwitch

4. PhoneRotater

5. Nokia Browser

5 HomeScreen added: with N8 icons.

1. Contact Bar

2. Basic

3. Finger Use

4. Full Page

5. Navigation Bar

Basic HS set to default

Basic HS icons are N8

3 Additonal HS: (in extra package with N8 icons)

1. Tsunami HS

2. Tornado HS

3. Vodafone HS

Flash Live Homescreen by Pirats_Killer (Now set any .swf Flash file on HS)

Kill Me v1.36 Integrated

BTSwitch Integrated (also in mediabar)

PhoneRotater (also in mediabar)

RomPatcher+ v3.1 with AutoStart

Qt Full Improved v4.7.3 by Aeronliru (Exclusive) (Now Enjoy QT Apps and Games with best Performance)


- QT v.4.7.3 Full

- Pips v.1.75 Plus Latest Patches And Upgrade

- OpenC SSL v.1.07 Plus Patches

- OpenC LIBZ Support Files v.1.07 Plus Latest Upgrade

- Qt Mobility v.1.1.3

- Qt WebKit v.4.7.3

- SQLite3 v.0.50.0

- Standard C++ v.1.07 Plus Latest Patches

- Symbian OS Pipes v.1.04 Plus Latest Patches

- Signal Server v.1.75

- RAW EPOC. Improvement Speed and Performance

- Improvement Speed and Performance

Python Full by Aeronliru (Exclusive) (Now Enjoy Python Apps with best Performance)


- Python 1.45

- Python 1.45 ScriptShells

- Python 2.00

- Python 2.00.3 ScriptShells

- Python Module Pack 1.0 By AeronLiRu

- Additional Scripts for third-part applications

- SDL 2.31 Libraries

- Signal Server 1.06

- Symbian OS STDIOSERVER 1.06

- Contain rebuilded system files for speed up commands of Python, and speed up performance of Python apps, and more free RAM

(Note: Install Python for PlayboyCFW , 3kb)


My Nokia


Voice recorder

Phone Switch


Help (Completely) (Exclusive) Thanks To Drakulaboy

Operator Menu

Message Reader

Accessory Setup

OVI Contacts, Store, Music, Sync

OVI Maps (if you want then download it from extra package) (its useless for N5233 as we dosnt have A-GPS)

Here And Now


SW Update

Settings Wizard

Share Online

Internet Phone



Search (RAM Eater)



6 Nokia Themes.


Read our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and Instructions before Flashing.

So you will not face any bug.



PlayboyCFW RM-625 FP1 :- (26-May-2012)

Binh24 RM-625 Core:-

PlayboyCFW RM-588 (Beta 16-June-12):-

Binh24 RM-588 Core:-

3 Additional Homescreen:-

Python For PlaboyCFW:-

Live Homescreens:-

Most Populer Live Homescreen

New updated links:

RM-625_core : Download Here

RM-588_core : Download Here

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...


  1. pliss help for eror

  2. hey bro will your core file RM-588 40.6.003 work with RM-588 51.6.002 ??