Thursday, 27 September 2012

Custom Firmware: RM-697 Nokia C5-03 Belle Nav-Bar

[CFW] CFW C5 03 v. 23.0.015 RM-697 , Navigartion Bar Belle!


- The increased drive C to 105 Mb and delete some app is not necessary to make a smooth to the touch
- Tried MiniCMD with 2 unlock but something Swipetounlock styles corrupted and does not run files deleted my sis will fix later
- Navibar belle on TA activities
- Garbage Software S-Cleaner
- Music Stopper, sent any fire through BT, download recovery if something goes wrong
- Permanent h@ck, install the software freely
- Off notified Java software
- Integrated Rompatcher, automatically apply the patch open4all
- Mute shooting, shooting
- Reorder Menu
- Moving Cache to E
- Check RAM exit Camera
- On a number of applications running automatically on startup
- Assign the Restart function in the source key
- Save 100,000 SMS
- Rename the General profile Vip C5-03
- Increase the quality of recorded sound files, photos, video
- Increased ability to start wifi
- Scan music in E: \ Sounds \ and E: \ Music \
- Gallery not scan the folder you want
- Speaker of calls in / out 10
- On opening the report
- The time of talk time, after CG Details
- Connect to the default PC Ovi Suite
- Increased Heap Size
- Change the startup tone and edit by me!
- Add Python 2.5
- Mod new keyboards
- Extend Menu
- Conversations in Messaging
- Y-Browser
- NetworkSwich
- The simple effect gently edit by me!
- Add 3 S ^ 3 themes ultralight capacity
- Fix the player MusicPlayer15.2 + EqualizerN8 thanks to bunrieucua
- And many other things you find out!

The fw you download both to the folder C \ Program Files \ Nokia \ Phoenix \ Products \ RM-697 and flash with Pho3nix offline
-Before you flash memory card format
-Choose File> Open Product
-Choose RM-697
-Select Flashing> Firmware Update
-Choose FW (RM-697)
-After selecting Fw Tick on Dead phone USB flashing
-Then press Options del all file rofs2 red, rofs3, retaining only the core and UDA file!
-Click refurbish, follow the directions in the table appears, wait a few minutes, and enjoy the fruits
-There is the topic of medical illustrations manhtu v20 (thanks to manhtu)

Read the directions carefully before use!

-add the hs belle like her:
-Pho3nix for anyone who needs:

NB: Amateur work. Flash at your own risk...

Tell us if it is working on your phone