Friday 21 September 2012

Custom Firmware: RM-601 Nokia C6-01 Venus

RM-601 C6-01 FW 111.30.609 Venus by ValoX « on: 25 May 2012, 18:49 »

[C6-01 RM-601 FW 111.30.609] Venus by ValoX 
« on: 25 May 2012, 18:49 »
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Custom Firmware Venus by ValoX

Based on FW 111.30.609 (Nokia Belle)

RP+ included + 3 Patches

English and Spanish included (  Ask for more languages!   )

v1.2.3 Released!

Changelog (update 25/05/2012)


Integrated Application:

*RomPatcher+ 3.1
*Best ScreenSnap 3.01

Deleted Application from C:\ :
*Microsoft Communicator
*Mobile Security
*Ovi Music
*Psiloc World Traveler

Mod Integrate:

*Restore Original Menu Grid
*More RAM for Apps
*German, Dutch, Russian, Turkish added
*Theme Effect From FP1 (More Performance)*Theme Effect From FP1 (More Performance)
*Nokia Gallery Widget (Eng, Ita, Spa)
*Unlimited SMS sending retries (fixed) [Thanks iExtra7]
*Spanish Lang Added
*Increase Performance
*Restore RP+ Patches
*Possible to Rename App by Menu
*Effects Dolby updated to v3.2
*Restored original splashscreen
*New Startup N9 Style
*Increased Heap Size & Reduced App closing delay
*Resolved some incompatibilities
*Bug Fixes
*Nokia Pure with More Symbols by Gl@
*Sysap 3.1 ITA-ENG with More Symbols
*Copy patches in E:\Patches at 1st boot
*Improved Stability
*Bluetooth name changed in 'Venus'
*Nokia Store Fixed after Hard Reset
*Extended Menu Grid 1.7
*Popupclock N9 style
*Improved Battery Life
*Autorun RP+
*Blue Battery Icon
*Multitasking from Belle FP1
*More Memory on Start
*Improved Cache 8x
*Improved CPU e GPU
*Improved Camera
*Music Player 17.1.13 (With Search Mod, Edit Metadata Mod e Italian & English Lang [Thanks a Devilix for ITA])
*Dolby Effect (from Belle FP1)
*Search Music in 'Music' (E-F-G)


Details FW

Nokia C6-01 RM-601

FW 111.30.609-lta_silver 059C3P8 [Nokia Belle]

Compatible with all C6-01 RM-601. (English and Spanish included)

Download CFW v1.2.3

Password Archive



- [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] Do a hard reset after the flash.


- For flash the CFW use Phoenix


I do not assume any responsibility in case of brick. Do everything at your own risk. Before the release the version will be TESTED by me personally.

Smiley Ask for more languages!  Smiley

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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