Tuesday 22 January 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 555 Nokia N97 mini Optimus ONE v2.0

Nokia N97 mini - V12 - Best CFW : Optimus ONE v2.0 

Optimus ONE v2.0

Major Updates :
1.ROMPatcher+ v2.6
2.Nokia N8 dialer MOD
2i.Nokia N8 icon MOD
3.Nokia C6 swipe to unlock MOD
4.Conversations added
5.N8 memory card MOD
6.Superfast Boot ( Boot/Restart time decreased )
7.Number Of sent msgs. 999 by default
8.Performence is more faster than ever.

Note : While ringing, caller name will be automatically told,
and you will have to zoom using the touch screen.

If you dont like those then use the earlier version.

Previous Configurations :

1.Blazing Fast Screen Rotation
2.Super turbo Manifest mod for best graphical performence
3.N8 Kinetic Scrolling Mod
4.Default Video Capturing FPS increase Mod..now u can capture the highest quality video
5.Screen Rotation ON by default,tapping controls! (Shake Mode)
6.Gallery File Hider ( Prevents these folders from being scanned by Gallery/TV-Video - (E:\Wallpapers& E:\Music\)
7.Restart power button ( press power key once to see )
8.Changed font of Digital Clock now its like n8
9.Zero Background apps (except contacts & msg. bcoz u need them time to time)
10.Camera Mod (removed JPEG compression)
11.Removed applications Boingo,JokuSpot,Qik and Vlingo
12.Removed BEEP in call recorder
13.Hide Clock widget by slide ( you cant see the time)
14.Removed all camera sounds (just set in Image Settings - Capture tone - Camera 4) / turn "warning tone" off
15.Removed vibration by lock/unlock the phone
16.5 shortcuts on Homescreen ( not much useful )
17.Disabled activity of camera.exe in background
18.After flash/Hard Reset all patces is activated and added to Auto automatically
19.Audio Recorder Mod ( High quality in mp4 up to 12 hrs)
20.Atlantis theme effects ( sometimes slows down the phone)
21.RAM Cache Mod for super fast performance
22.Changed Heap Size Mod (faster opening and closing applications)
23.65+ mb free ram
24.Changed Startup screen, startup tone, shutdown tone
25.Super fast music player mod
26.stanby mode added
27.After Hard Reset Patces folder auto created in E:
28.Internet Cache from C to E
29.UI Acceleration Mod
30.Disable OVI Contacts Completely
31.Bass Bosster Effect for excellent audio quality
32.Removed all Nokia's original themes
33.Removed StartUp applications Log,Messaging,Contacts and Clock
34.FOTA disabled to gain more free space

Download Here :


Note : i have used ivo's cfw as a base & modified it.
Important : Guys I have made this cfw to suit me 100%.....I have modified this as my own demands, You like this or not its on your own.

All the best.
Regards : Ratul

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...


  1. can u provide 808 pure view custom firmware that plays all type of video file like mkv etc in default browser

  2. fake download link don't waste ur time frndz......:p