Tuesday 1 January 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 675 Nokia C7 Belle Refresh DustoJnik v10

Nokia C7 Belle Refresh DustoJniK V10 [23-11-2012]


-C Memory 443 Mb
-Core 100% hacked and running smoothly.
-Unlimited Desktop
-E-Browser Cache
-Disk Cache Optimization
-Effect Way E
-Not Implemented Active Mode Transfers
-Better Camera and Extra Optical Zoom
-When it is turned Scanner Download in Progress
-Skin Talk Headset Incoming Call
-Dolby and Equalizer, editable
-Part Information Regulation

-Tactile Feedback
-Fota Disabled
-808 Task Manager
-808 FP1 Keyboard Mode
-Hierarchy View
-Interface Speed
-System Speed
-Touch Sensitivity
-Wlan Lock Icon
-Off-Camera Sounds
-Kinetic Development
-Bluetooth Send-protected files
-Practice Change and Sub-Folder Names
-Re-Ram Dağiıtılması
-Smooth Rompatcher and Restarting an effective
-Restart the attached
-N9 Popupclock DustoJniK White
-Sound Compilation
-Ram Acceleration
-Default Desktop
-Video Extension Uniformity
-Video Player Up Volume
-Lifting the Writings of-Desktop Widget
-Power Menu Button Icons
-Private Profile (Preferences editable)
-Pastry Feedback V.2 Current Version
-Improved CPU and GPU
-Screen protector Effects of Rotation
-Screen Rotation Adjustment Current
-Belle Refresh Saving Mode (DustoJniK Private)
-Extra Symbols 5 Screen
-Automatic Key Lock time: 30 seconds
-Increase in-call sounds,
-Improved CPU for Gaming
-On-Delivery Report Full Support of Character
-USB Setting
-Wifi Increased Sensitivity
-Setting Cache-XCaphe
-Music Player Volume 100 Heap 32 Mb
-Zuma increase
- Adjusted Alfunamerik
- New Message Bubbles
- Gallery Mode
- Music Player 1.17.14 and Adjusted Dolby
- New Notifications Widget
- Java Fix Pack
- Application Mode Delay Closing Package
- New Avkon2
- N9 Popupclock
- Restart Icons Updated - Dolby headset has no effect.
- New widgets and changing Mifler
- Hackl X-plore 1:56
-Default Audio Format
-ACC - Sound Level Record (10)
-Quality MP4 Format
-Stereo-Audio Channel Level 2
-Original Menu Layout 4x3
-Removed all languages ​​except English and Turkish
-Maximum Sound Modlandı
-Sound Problem Solved, Headset Now you do not need to deposit patches.
-Languages ​​English and Turkish

Now I'm sorry I do not remember ... Maybe I forgot Modes

The extracted:

-Ovi Music removed
-Removed Vlingo
-World Trawler Removed
-Antivirus Removed
-CNN Removed
-Removed Bate-Bounce Boing
-Shazam Removed

New Widget:

- Contacts Communication
- Digital Clock Small
- Wi-Fi, a small
- Music Player Mini
- Calculator
- Time Text Mini
- Time Text Small White

Download Link: DustoJniK Belle V10

- ROM Patcher for the lack of sound by raising high level volume fix (bellerefresh) mode to enjoy the music follow.
Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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