Thursday 3 January 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 774 Nokia 701 Experia v3 Updated

Nokia 701 CFW RM-774 111.030.0609 Experia V3 All Widgets++ 5/01/12 Updated

Nokia 701 RM-774_111.030.0609 Custom Firmware Hacked Clean Install

Friends, This is my Experia update 3 CFW for Nokia 701 and i have tested it on my Nokia 701 Steel Black
Change-logs from original Firmware:-

Included All new Widgets From N8's leaked Firmware By Taylor A Big Thanks to him For providing Us with the Release.


Core Unlocked, Installserverr put into ROFS2, means if you reset Your Phone Your phone will still remain Hacked and you can install unsigned Applications and Games. (Thanks to Coderus and Docterly who made this possible).

More Free space in C drive Deleted Nokia preloaded Mp3's, Video, etc.. upto 435MB free Space now. Screenshot added.


Firmware Highlights

Default Theme Effects Used, and location changed from Z to E. now you can put new theme effects in E:/Resource folder and enjoy these without flashing your Phone.

Added TransBelle Premium 2 them by Me
New Search Widget preinstalled
RestartMe Application PreInstalled
Default wallpapers Changed

Music and Gallery scan set to E:/Music and E:/Pictures only.. By witcher3
Default web browser resumes downloads even after restart.. By witcher3
Bookmarks integrated in default web browser (a few helpful sites already saved).. By witcher3
Browser cache to E : This mod moves the browser cache to drive E..
No keylock vibration by banKai : This mod disables the vibration on locking and unlocking of phone by hardware switch..
Tactile feedback in calls v2 by Ancelad : This mod enables single short vibrations when a call is made and disconnected
Name of General Profile Changed to[ b]Experia 2.1[/b]
Default Bluetooth Name Changed to Experia


Flash light trick by Me.. Just Hold your Lock/unlock Key for 3-4 Seconds. you will have the Flashlight ON,Do Same to Turn it OFF

And no Third party Application integrated Install Application of your choice..

For Those Who Have Previously Downloaded My Files Replace UDA ROFS2 and ROFS3 Files.

NOTE:- Previously Created Backups Wont Work on this Update. Do Not try to restore Your backups.

No bugs or Hang on Homescreen due to new Widgets, its a Clean Firmware
ChangesLog Version 3

English Language OnlyAdded Custom bootScreens and Custom Boot tones (C:\boot) you can Change the tones and Startup Screens Easily only use GIF images..
Added Custom shutdown Screens and Custom Shutdown tones (C:\boot) you can Change the tones and Shutdown Screens Easily only use GIF images..
Added New Theme Effects Slide mania 6 (E:\resource\effects) By allstar12345
Added New mods
Added New Widget "My Location"
Added KillMe App
Added "Nokia Belle" in Device Manager
Added Rompatcher with 3 Important patches (Open4all, InstallServer and C2Z)
Added ScreenSnap App
Added Modded Nokia Sleeping Screen by chiller
Added Latest Nokia Store QML Client and MuchMore

UPDATE for Nokia Sleeping Screen Attached Download Install and reboot Your Phone.. yo are DONE!!!

::Download Links::
NEW UDA :- Mediafire Non-transparent Music and weather Widgets
NEW UDA:- MediaFire Semi-Transparent Music and Weather Widgets
Core:- MediaFire
NEW ROFS2 & 3:- MediaFire with custom effects
NEW ROFS3 :- MediaFire with default effects

NEW Italian ROFS3 :- MediaFire
NEW Czech ROFS3 :- MediaFire
NEW Russian ROFS3 :- MediaFire
NEW French ROFS3 :- MediaFire
NEW German ROFS3 :- MediaFire
NEW Spanish ROFS3 :- MediaFire
NEW Turkish ROFS3 :- MediaFire
NEW Finnish ROFS3 by Shubham540 :- MediaFire

..Enjoy This Firmware Thanks.. 

 SleepScreen FIX.sisx 

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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