Saturday 26 January 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 625 Nokia 5233 Supernova v21 C6- v20

CFW Nokia 5233 - RM625 V21-C6 v20 - Supernova^C6


Visual Modifications

All default themes have been removed and replaced by following themes:-

Black id
Aurora Green by Babi
Dark Steel ID
Jet Black
Original 5250 Purple Theme
Symbian Dark 

Themes effects from pirates have been added 
Cool Swipe to unlock plz check the screen shot section
Default Display Timeout is 60 secs only 

Supernova^C6 startup n shutdown screen has been used 
Theme effects are set to default 
3X4 Menu mod has been provided 
N8 Icons Supplied

CREDITS: DJnokia5233, LPHS, Ishan, pirates_killer, gautam_5800, RED X , srgudhka , prakashkaran , bswann & all our DM friends (Sorry if i forgot to mention someones name plz PM me to add ur name thanks)


Important steps to be followed before Flashing:

1)- Delete the folders from memory card name - sys , system , resource & private
2)- If there is any folder named "thinkchange" then please delete it before flashing the phone

Key Modifications (System)

CPU has been extremely Optimized
FPS is also increased
Kinetic Scrolling Fast n well optimized
All lags removed from the CFW
CPU will always be clocked for MAX performance
Battery backup has also been taken into consideration
Default Profile Name Has Been Changed to “Supernova^C6”
Default Blue tooth name has also been changed to “Supernova^C6”
Cache drive has been changed from C:\ drive to E:\ drive (memory card), in order to save space on C:\
Gallery is now more stable
Firmware Over The Air has been removed (as it is of no use)
Music player default path is now E:\Music
Improved rotation speed
Improved UI and Games performance
Increased Startup Sound
Prevent apps running in background mod added
Ram Saving Camera Exit Mod added
Now u can send everything from file browser
Conversation added
Extra Sensor Settings added

In-Call Modifications

Show Call Duration set to On.
Show summary After Call set to On


Use less bookmarks are removed only Ovi , Nokia Mobile & Here n Now is provided

Applications Added to Z: drive

ROM Patcher+
Auto Installer 1.0.2
Message Reader
File Browser

Applications Added to E: drive (Thinkchange auto installer)

Ramblow 1.30
SmartPhoneWare Best ScreenSnap 3.0
Nokia Custom Dictionary
Opera mini 5.1 Beta 2 symbian native
Kill Me 1.36
Nimbuzz 3.0
BT Switch
Accel Switch
Uninstall King

Widgets provied (Thinkchange auto installer)

Nokia Notifications 1.05
Nokia Battery Monitor Widget 1.0
Accu Weather


Delete the unwanted app from thinkchange folder before running Auto Installer

Download Here

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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