Monday 7 January 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 625 | 588 Nokia 5233 | 5230 Quartz 1.00 New

Nokia 5233||RM-625 / Nokia 5230||RM-588 :: Quartz 1.00 New

Catalog:<> Original start-up and shutdown screen.
<> Nokia Belle theme.(extracted from cfw firebolt).
<> RAM management optimized.
<> C6v42 version used.
<> Fast and light theme effects.
<> 75 mb + on c drive.
<> Increased start-up sound.
<> New Belle icons.

<> N8 QWERTY keyboard.
<> New Native Web Browser
<> Search app.
<> Default Original portrait keyboard.
<> S^3 Landscape layout
<> Conversations integrated to messaging.
<> Upload button replaced with delete in gallery.
<> Memcheck app added.
<> Drawings,My Nokia, SW Update (Untouched).
<> Notification Home Screen.
<> Restart option on power menu.
<> Nokia maps.
<> Vibration enabled on slide lock/unlock.
<> 3.5 mm jack pop up menu enabled.
<> SMS Reader.
<> OVI Maps.
<> Swipe to unlock(Exclusive).


Download Link

NOKIA 5233 || RM-625
Rofs2 -------> DOWNLOAD
Core + uda -> Use Binh24 core (51.1.002).(*PASSWORD: binh24)DOWNLOAD

NOKIA 5230 || RM-588
Rofs2 -------> DOWNLOAD
Core + uda -> Use Binh24 core (51.6.002).(*PASSWORD: binh24)DOWNLOAD
Phone Snaps

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...


  1. hi bro pls fix the link for cor files for nokia 5230 rm-588 it shows file deleted...

    Nd i wana ask u 1 qustn.. M usin 5230 rm-588 ver 51.0.002 cn i flash with this 51.6.002 versn or nt? My email-

    1. Here is the new link for RM- 588 core:

  2. thnx vry mch 4 ur warm reponse... Its working link.,. Thnx again

    Pls clr me jus 1 thng its link u gv is 4 the rm-588 ver-51.6.002 n m using rm-588 ver-51.0.002.. So cn i flash my phn with this core n cfw..? Its safe or can damage my phn?? If yes than wat shud i do ?? I shud my phn 1st flash with 51.6.002 aft that wit ur cfw?? Plz gv me proper solution m newbie so.. Thnx in advance boss

  3. Its password protected. Pls show password

  4. plz bro plz fix the link for nokia 5233 rm 625 core+uda files it says file deleted fix the link please

  5. What is password for RM-588 core.?

    1. Dude... There is no password required. Check the link provided in comments.