Monday 28 January 2013

Custom Firmware:RM- 356 Nokia 5800 Fast and Stylish^8

Nokia 5800 RM-356 v60.0.003 Fast & Stylish ^8 by iepurasu_poznas

New Release News:
Current release:Fast & Stylish^7
Released Recently: Fast & Stylish^8
Last:Fast & Stylish^6

Latest F/W =Fast & Stylish^7
Previous F/W = Fast & Stylish^8 Final
Phone Model = Nokia 5800
Base F/W = Original V60.0.003
Type: RM-356

Language:English French & Romanian
CREDITS:binh24 ,Daily Mobile,PNHT,all mods maker's,all CFW maker's
All bold post corrected, do not post all in bold - | Apex666 |

Fast & Stylish^8 by iepurasu_poznas

Video Presentation


- System cache is set to C
-Gives a better overall browsing experience
- Maximum number of system cached entries increased
- Maximum size of sytem cache increased
- Camera will not leave in background after opening it to have constant RAM
- Messaging, Call Log, Calender, and Clock will not run in background after close them, to maintain RAM
- Complexity of graphical effects now reduce to more simpliest and fastests
- Rotation sensor improved
- Maximum cache size allocated for resources set to no limit
- System heap size doubled
- Default frame rate per seconds for UI set to 33 fps
- Application close delay decreased
- CPU rate set to 75%
- Many enhancements to make your life easier
-66 MB Free Ram

- Nokia SMS Sending (My Nokia) Disabled
- Tapping Mode added: Shake to get phone silent/snooze Alarm and Calls
- Default bluetooth name: Fast & Stylish
- Number of message sent saved increase from 20 to 900 by default
- WiFi sensitivity increased and optimized
- FOTA reserved space romoved to get more space in C:\ (Phone Memory)
- RAM Cache in C:\ for better performance
- Super Fast Screen Rotation
- CPU load decreased (Get a very fast phone)
- Enabled lock/unlock vibration
- N8 Kinetic Scrolling
- Disabled My Nokia Service
- Disable Useless Apps on Startup exept contacts
- Auto optimization of RAM cache for keeping up your phone faster even after heavy usage
- Default theme set to Fast & Stylish
- Delivery Reports ON by default in Messaging
- Theme effects ON by default
- "Summary after call" and "speed dialing" ON by default
- "In call timer" ON by default
- Light Sensor set to 75% and lights time-out set to 50 seconds by default
-2 animatons on startup
- Put your own startup.gif and startup.mp3 in E:\boot\ to get your own bootscreens and bootsound
- Rotation effects enabled
- Lags in Messaging apps removed
- Added Restart Option When you Click Power Button
-Tacticle Vibration set to level 1 in General profile
- Alarm will snooze in 5 minutes from 15 minutes
-Blank UDA supplied to get highest possible free space on C:\
-Nokia Maps 3.06 with support for all languages ( credits binh24)
-Supports International Domain Names (IDNs)
-Supports non-ASCII letters such as Arabic or Chinese
-Various improvements

- Flash Live
- Vodafone (default)
- Orange
- Tsunami (on C:\ Not on Z:\)
- Basic
- Finger Use
- Contacts Bar
- Full Page
- Navigation Bar

- Fast & Stylish Splashscreen
- Fast & Stylish Shutdown screen
- Mega Menu With N8 Icon by iepurasu_poznas(base Binh24 menu!!! +1)
- Bootscreen volume set to: 8.0
- Light Intensity set to 75% light by default
- Swipe to unlock
- Theme Effects: high speed by iepurasu_poznas

- Java permission is set to default
- Real Hack (added modded installserver.exe)

- Symbian Anna Browser v7.3.1.33
- Some Important Bookmarks edited
- Nokia Useless Default Bookmark Folders Removed
- Download manager will be started on browser start-up to resume
- Browser now can be rotated in landscape even sensor off, by going to options while browsing
- Browser will prompt to continue download if there was a power failure
- Cache moved to E:\ and increased

- Nokia default file browser can send sisx, sis, jar and any protected items via bluetooth, mms and uploads
- Nokia default file browser will show system folders and root folder (Just enable ReadCroot.rmp Patch)

- Camera will not leave in background after close it (SAVES RAM)
- Camera quality highly improved utilizing full 3.2 MP Camera
- Video Capture Quality improved to get High Detail Videos
- Voice recorder set to Standard quality
- Voice recorder records upto 12 hours
- Camera Image improved
- Gallery Mod by me put your secret walls,videos and photos in E:\Wallpaper\ so that gallery will not read
- Gallery searching improved
- Video Capture frame rate increased
- Music Player will read E:\Sounds\Music
- Music player refresh faster

- Using 3x4 Mega Menu With N8 Icon by iepurasu_poznas
- All Lags in Menu removed
- Menu will hide application like: Conversations
- Working ovi sync and Notes
- 5 extra shortcuts

- Messages you had sent will save up to 900 messages
- Delivery reports will ON by default

- Fast & Stylish
- Fast & Stylish^8
- Nokia theme Orange by LA

- RomPatcher+ (Removed Startup Note)
- Pre-Anable Patches:Show system files.rmp & Remove Show Open Apps.rmp
- KillMe(press long ZERO)
- BTSwitch
- Autoinstaller

- BrightLight
- MemCheck
- DzMusicKey
- Screensnap preconfigurated by me
- Slick
- OviStore Lastet
- Xplore
- Tsunami
- Next
- Play
- Prev
- Solitaire

- My Nokia
- Welcome2

- FOTA reserved spaces in C: deleted: gain 5MB
- Autocretion of folders
- Cache folders in E:\
- E:\boot\
- E:\Sounds\Music
- E:\thinkchange\c
- E:\thinkchange\e
- E:\Wallpaper
- Auto copy of installation files to above locations
- Run Autoinstaller to quickly install pre-supplied applications

KillMe protected list: - Do set this after installing the firmware
-then select "akncapserver" and press options move to protected
-then select "aknnfysrv" and press options move to protected
-then select "homescreen" and press options move to protected
-then select "sysap" and press options move to protected
-then select "telephone" and press options move to protected
-then select "peninputserver" and press options move to protected
-then select "killme" and press options move to protected
-then select "PopupClock" and press options move to protected

Very Important
Use only, but only the attached files
No ROFS3 needed ( credits binh24 for new repartition)
Format the card before you flash
Hard reset before you flash
Perform hard reset after flash to get maximum 82+ MB free memory on C:\
Do not restore from a backup made on another CFW
Your version should be V60.0.003

Fast & Stylish^8 by iepurasu_poznas
for nokia 5800 RM-356

Fast & Stylish^8 by iepurasu_poznas 9HS English French & Romanian

Fast & Stylish^8 by iepurasu_poznas 9HS English Only

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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