Thursday 17 January 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 609 Nokia E6 Belle Refresh Tweaked v.+v2

Nokia E6 - Belle Refresh 111.140.0058 - Tweaked v1 + v2 added on 23/09/2012

Tweaked Version 2 Changelog ( Using MEA Belle Refresh version with Urdu/Farsi/Arabic/ENGLISH Languages )

Total Firmware size in zip 187 MB

C Drive has 30 MB less Space in v2 Due to keeping Maps application integrated for better GPS experience

Fully Hacked to install any unsigned file with installserver_with_log for Belle Refresh

Added mods in the Tweaked v2 while keeping most mods of Tweaked version 1:

Sound improvement v3.3 Symbian Anna Sound parameters For best sound experience in earpiece and loudspeaker with clarity Apply Change sound Parameter patch in Rompatcher Auto Domainserv (iExtra7)

Rompatcher+ 3.1 added with SVG icons and Working E6 Patches working flawless (Coderus and Symbian-Toys)

Colorize IT , modded into Firmware

Built-in File manager modded with Extended view and icons for easy management

Super fast UI experience and Best Battery Management for Long Lasting Standby time in v2 Modded by Straighest

Added Harmattan Pure Fonts for Better viewing than ever before

Custom Equilizer Mod

Changed messaging conversation Look For Better UI

Changed Avkon2 For Simple and Good look

Only removed : Microsoft Apps , Vlingo , Nokia Recommend, Mobile Security/F-Secure, (Not anything else to keep the Firmware compatible with most of the apps)

Not Added in v2 and v1:

E:\resource\app Patch , as Most users dont really like to do anything apart from using Firmware as it is. But can be done by Normas patch also added in the 2nd Post

E:\Effects Patch , Same as above. Can be added using Normas Patch given in 2nd post, I really dont use Effects as it slows down UI at times and make Firmware to look more like a Chinese Replica having freak effects.

Theme effects and read all mif from E drive can be added with Normas patch given in 2nd post.

( Only Domainserv For Rompatcher in UDA )

Download Link to v2 at End of the Post (No Screenshots for V2 as its Same Refresh version but with Different Modifications Only)

Best working softwares (Chat/Widgets/Apps) For Nokia E6-00 also available on Demand in Private message.

Tweaked v1 - Belle Refresh CFW is being uploaded on Google drive and Mediafire.

Quite handy to download only 178 MBof Total Firmware zip file with following features (Not putting name anywhere as its just a contribution)

Add + Reputation if liked the work done.

Custom Firmware has

C drive space (350 MB+)

Hacked (with installserver)

Added Domainserv (Freax forgot to add it in cleaned out version)

Gallery Search (Pictures will be read only from E:\Images or F:\Images)

Music Search ( Only reads E:\Music or F:\Music Folder/subfolders)

Java Permissions Mod

Disabled OVI signin after flash

No sms sending to Nokia for welcome message

Custom age log (Unlimited days of Logs history of your choice)

Reboot option in power menu with Sysap 3.1 for Belle

New Conversation mod (Same like iphone sort of)

Unlimited Homescreens to add

Custom Profile names (Change profile names from General or Silent)

Camera Sound Disabled (By selecting Camera Sound 1)

tactile feedback v1 ( 3 short vibrations when a number is Dialed/picked up or disconnected, Handy mod to aware of mistakenly dialed numbers)

Fixed Logs ( Any belle version does`nt show the data connection log of gprs/wifi)

Removed UDA applications (Microsoft Apps. Extend presenter as I dont use it But can be installed by using software update inside device)

UI and CPU Mod to get Maximum out of GPU and CPU for better user experience.

Disabled annoying popups of data connection again n again

Kinectic Scrolling for Belle (Fast scrolling)

Rompatcher 3.1 with Patches
(Block GPRS, c2z4bin Belle fixed by iExtra, ChangeDeviceId(s^3), CRepository 4all, Installserver RP+ v1.7, Installserver RP+, KeyLightEffects, Open4ALL RP+, ReadFullC by Xcape, RemoveHashCheck, SaveClipBoardAfterReboot, ShowRamAndRom(S^3), ShowRamAndRom(S^3)HideF, High Level volume Fix, Change Layout size More sound in Loudspeaker for Music or Tones, Remove Beep on Recording calls, )

Simple Rainbow Colored Battery and Signal Bar only ( Looks beautiful )

After Installation, Enable Rompatcher Patches as per requirement, Open4all and Installserver is must to have rooted/hacked Phone
Using Freaxs Cleaned out Firmware to have only English (as Its compact along-with All apps kept in UDA but I removed Microsoft and Extended presenter

DOWNLOAD LINK on Google Drive


EDIT 1: Download Link on Mediafire for Tweaked v1


EDIT 2: Download Link on Mediafire for Tweaked v2


Thanks to all the original Modders like iExtra7, Allstar , Straighest , Coderus and All the Actual Avatar of modding
Special Thanks to Freaxs once again for his contribution to make E6 a place in Modding section

Normas Power Patch for Following Mods is added for users to apply following
1. Joshlog patch(modded By RareMinD)
2. Belle base pkg theme effect
3. New Avkon2 Mif
4. Browser cache to E Drive
5. Kinetic scrolling
6. Send protected files
7. Tactiles v2

Install it , Run MiniCMD program. Wait for a while to let work done. Restart Phone as per Notification. Thats all

Kinetic Scrolling Only ( Which I feel is the Best Mod for this purpose by Strategist)
Belly Jean Theme
Dukto Wireless File Transfer

To Download Windows installer.. Click here Dukto Wireless File Transfer

Power Patch One Click Installation for Belle Refresh(1).sis

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