Wednesday 30 January 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 588 Nokia 5230 Rockstar Belle v7

Nokia 5230 RM-588(RELEASED)| RockStar Belle v7 |5233/5800/5530/n97/x6/c6 

~Auto RAM Cache Management-start up 61- after heavy usage 49-51 free
~Belle TOP BAR Set as Default
~Perfect avkon 
~Camera will give 100% raw image, no compression. avg size of image taken outside is 900kb, in nokia 5230 and 5233.. mod by me.. 
Check quality by using picasa 3.
~Camera scene modes can be changeable and bug-less mod by me 
~Dolby Effects MOD 85% likely and belle music player
~Nokia 808 Pure View Codecs
~QT, Gmaps and maps 3.06 integrated
~Newly partitioned cores
~New brightness mod- clear visibility in sunlight and optimized battery consumption..
~Battery and Performance increased- check it... 
~Perfect light mod.. Green Charging light and low battery red blink for 5 secs.. 
and lot of stuffs....
~Zero Bug , Simple , Perfect and Featured... 

Video preview :

Included- Bt receiver, Bt switch, SuperScreenshot,gmaps,quickrotate,easylock,killme,memcheck,musicstoper,rompatcher etc......


~Before flash u hav to clean sys, system, resources , private and data folders....
~Restart phone after flash...
~Don't hard rest after flashing- some mods will be disabled....
~Don't use other cores
~Extract the RM-xxx zip file to C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products...

Downloads :
nokia 5230 core and rfos2 here

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...


  1. Is this cfw made from C6 firmware? Also is the SIP alient of C6 working on RM-588 phones after flashing? Are you able to call using SIP?

  2. i am rajesh u r software v superb first time i am using but automacally network mode will go to ofline and phone memory showing 2 disk 60n40

  3. Hey is the core files is supported for all versions like 51.0.0002