Sunday 20 January 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 750 Nokia 500 Symbian Horcrux Reborn

Nokia 500 - RM-750 - Symbian Horcrux reboRn - Belle Refresh[ENGLISH ONLY]

This CFW is developed upon Symbian Belle Refresh and the previous releases of Symbian Horcrux CFW. The bugs present in previous versions are fixed and some new features and improvements are added.
I don't claim this to be fastest CFW for Nokia 500, the fastest CFW for Nokia 500 was Symbian Horcrux v1 as reported by users but it drained a lot of battery. So this CFW is optimized to drain less battery without a significant decrease in performance.
Hope you will like it

Key Features:

-Camera Maxed out Mod by Tiqs.
-Added new and Improved Equalizer presets by Tiqs.
-Added more resolutions for Camera and Video Recording by Tiqs.
-Anna lockscreen for Nokia 500 By Tiqs.
-235+ MB free in C Drive right after flashing.

-Improved WiFi Sensitivity.
-Improved Audio Codecs( Much more Deeper Bass with more clear Vocals and accurate Trebles) by Tiqs.
-Improved Video Recording and Image Capturing Quality(A bit more detail and less oversharpening in Images and Smoother Video recording than before) by Tiqs.
-Removed Screen Blinking occurs sometimes on Incoming call by Tiqs.
-New Menu Structure(Most of the Installed Applications goes to Applications folder) by Tiqs.
-Changed Dialler Icon in Avkon2.mif by Tiqs.
-GPS Data App Integrated.

Full Feature List:

-Based upon: 111.021.0028.
-Fully hacked via installserver.exe.
-New task manager.
-Upto 6 homescreens.
-New widgets.
-New Conversation UI like MeeGo.
-Send protected files via Bluetooth in File Manager.
-Smooth Sliding theme effects.
-Evolve Qt 2.7 theme.
-Voice recording upto 12 hours.
-Modded avkonsystemsounds.
-Removed bookmarks.
-no keylock vibration
-voice recognition improvement
-Preinstalled KillMe, RomPatcher+,ColoizIt.
-Theme effects cache increased.
-KS improvements.
-Browser homepage set to Google.
-Tap to unlock autorotation.
-FM radio in landscape mode.
-menurenderer.dll mod, Now you can rename apps and create folders in Menu.
-Nokia performance improvements.
-Download resume on restart.
-Disable OVI sign in.
-Mp3 metadata editing.
-Browser cache to E:.
-Cache drivers optimized (8x).
-Music plyayer scan only MUSIC folder - C-E-F drives.
-Gallery scan only IMAGES folder - C-E-F drives.
-Tactile feedback in calls [Vibration when call picked up and ended].
-Increased heap size & reduced app closing delay.
-Removed general installation errors.
-Removed useless apps like NetGeo, India Today, MS Communicator, Shazam etc
-Angry Birds removed from phone memory.
-New notification bar.
-Fluid UI

Known Issues:-

-Tasks widget not working properly so install provided "Task widget.sis" to fix that issue.


-Turn theme effects OFF for a faster UI.

Applications Package Part 1:-
-Angry Birds for Nokia 500
-Nokia Filebrowser 1.01 for Symbian Belle
-Tasks Widget 1.3
-Add/Remove Shortcut/Icon text/label on homescreen.
-Extra Python v6.00 Belle
-Free Unrar with integration to default file browser. [Like ZIP Manager]

Applications Package Part 2:-
-Text Clock Black Widget.
-Text Clock White Widget.
-Commslauncher Widget.
-Nokia Bubble Lock latest offline installer.
-Nokia Evolve Grey Theme(Theme in Screenshots).
-MemCheck Touch v1.00.
-Mobile Cleaner v1.90(App to clean junk files from device)
-TweakS by CodeRus.
-Weather App from Nokia Maps Suite 3.09.
-Xplore v1.58.

-To all modders and tool creaters for their exclusive stuff.
-To Marco (aka Il.Socio) for creating NokiaCooker. An awesome tool to build CFW's.
-Tiqs for CFW and some special mods.

-Flash with PHOENIX only using ALL provided Firmware files and REFURBISH only.
-Include provided UDA for flashing first time because firmware has been repartitioned and failing will definitely brick your device.

Symbian Horcrux reboRn:
Symbian Horcrux reboRn Firmware Files

Application Package Part 1:
Symbian Horcrux reboRn Application Package part 1

Application Package Part 2:
Symbian Horcrux reboRn Application Package part 2

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...


  1. Dude !! I can't thank u enough for what u've done !! u're genius ! congrats :)

  2. Hi, I am facing a weird issue. After the phone is running for some time, images and videos do not open up. No error or anything. Just a black screen. Only way to fix is restarting the phone. Then phone runs for some time and again images / videos do not open

    1. Hi, I would recommed a backup of your files in your memory card and a quick format and then try again

  3. Thanks For the CFW, Im testing in my handset.
    Only a Question, It could be possible to make the CFW in Spanish?
    To me is no problem use in english but maybe some other people would like your CFW and they don't understand very well the English.

    Thanks Again