Saturday 24 November 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 555 Nokia N97 mini v30 Legend PR2.1

Nokia N97 mini-RM-555 v30 OFW-LeGeND^14 PR2.1 By:AhMeD-07 mEnCFW AR

Welcome To >~ Nokia N97mini-RM-555 v30 OFW-LeGeND^14 PR2.1 By:AhMeD-07 mEnCFW [26-10-2011]


- Supported phones: Nokia N97 mini (RM-555) only !!!
- Languages: English , Arabic , French (you can add other languages, too)
- Based on: Core and Rofs2 based on Nokia N97mini v30 OFW
- Free phone memory: ~ C :- 270.1
- Free RAM: 55 ~ 60 MB
- for more information

Apps in the Rom :

1- ROMPatcher 3.01
2- FilwBrowser
3- KillMe
4-Accel Switch
5- ScreenSnap
6- MemCheck
7- Quick Lock
8- PhoneTorch
9- Bluetooth reciever
10- BTSwitch
11- Google Maps

Official nokia apps added :

1- Nokia Store
2- Chat
3- Ovi Maps
4- Nokia Music Player

all app in the Last V.

Themes in the rom :

Nokia S^3 Black theme MidNight

Fonts in the Rom :

1- Nokia sans Light with 6 pages symbols mod
2- S^3 Numbric clock mod

Special mods in the rom :

1- Anna icons with some new icons working Perfect in all langs without any Bug
2- Belle Browser orking perfect without any bug
3- Some hidden icons No you can see it with some new icons
4- Conversations APP With S^3 UI With no BUG
5- Nafication widget ( S^3 Style ) without any bug
6- 5 shortcut widget Working fine with all Langs
7- N8 Keyboards working Great
8- S^3 Landscape Mod added with extended menu,full screen qwerty,center text,alfanumeric mod
9- Smiles added with N8 style
10- N8 touch sense mod added
11- S^3 Kinetic Scrolling MOD added edited by me 50 FBS
12- Small buttons mod added
13- C6 anna Effect By akshay edited by me working very smoothly and fastly
14- NOW no NSI apps , QT apps Bugs in the rom
15- Belle tones added now

System performance and physical mods:

- mods added to make the Phone Really fast
- mod added to Make the clock Digital after flash
- mod added to make high FBS in video
- mod added to updated Kinetic Scrolling from 15 fbs to 50 fbs
- mod added to Fix battery drain
- mod added to Make a really fast rotate screen
- mod added to fix zoom buttons and make it better
- mod added to Make camera shots really better
- mod added to fix all texts in the rom in all langs
- Nokia small qwerty Now deleted because its useless and buggy
- mod added to make a delete button in Photo browser app
- mod added to Send any file from File manager
- mod added to kill all apps at start of the phone
- UI Acceleration mod added to better performance in the phone
- Swipe to unlock mod added { Blue and green } N8 style by FuRCom
- menu now is 3x4 in portrait and 2x6 in landscape { U can change it with menu app }
- mod added to fix all bugs in the camera in all langs
- S^3 Equlaizer mod added
- Restart added now to Power button list
- Recorder now is 12.0.0
- Logs-365 Mod added
- Now you can install all app without any proplem
- SW update is working great now
- Music and photo list now added
- now you can resume download after close the browser
- Memory card { availibale - not availibale } mod added
- Fully camera kill after close it
- WI-FI mod added { From C6 V41}
- Application Policy Mod added
- UI Frames now 56 FBS
- Heap size doubled
- Java permission mod added
- Super Turbo Manifest mod added
- Now israel is combeletly replaced with AlQuds in clock menu


- Voice recorder set to High-Quality
- Camera Image improved (camera mod by lilianguntary)
- Gallery has been improved (very fast Gallery)
- Video Capture framerate improved
- Added Musicplayer v15.2 with lyrics funtion
- Adding mod to increase the camera zoom and quality to 5MP
- More FBS mod for better video recording quality
- Video call now in better quality
- More quick search at Music Player
- N8 equalizer is added
- Real player application in TV and videos Homescreen

Internet and Connection:

- Downloads will continue, if phone accidentaly turns off
- Internet Browser Cache increased to 20MB and moved to MMC (E:\)
- Mobile Web Browser will detect phone as Nokia N97 mini
- WiFi sensitivity increase
- FOTA reserved space romoved to get 5 MB more space in phone memory (C:\)

Messaging and Calling:

- You're able to save 999 sent SMS
- Delivery reports are OFF by default
- Message Reader fixed
- Added Multi-Language by PNHT
- Phone will not go to landscape view while calling
- Show call duration is ON by default
- Summary after calling ON by default
- Swap Buttons OK and Mode Switch in Alpha-numeric keyboard

Fixed Bugs:

- Qt proplem solved
- all icons all ok in arabic with 0 bug
- Bluetooth Bug fixed
- Zoom buttons fixed
- TTpod

Games :

RT GR , Bounce

Graphic mods added in the Rom :

1- Anna icons with some new icons { NO BUGS IN ANY LANGUAGE }
2- Anna icons to all app added to the rom
3- Belle splash screen { By me }

4- Anna style to incoming calls

How To ADD Your language To the CFW :

files needed : NFE 0.3 , Nokia cooker , Your language file from Your language rofs2

1- EXTRACT the cfw with NFE [ Open file > choose the rofs2 > wait loading > Extract and wait to finish]
2- ADD the language file [ Tools > language Mnager > Add the language ]
3- DONT..... Reback just close NFE
4- Open nokia cooker and open the same Rofs2
5- wait to finish
6- Delete all files in { Files folder } like private , sys, data
7- Copy All file that are you ecxtracted with Nfe from here RM-555_12.0.110_PRD.ROFS2\ROFS2
8- Paste it in Files Folder in Nokia cooker To here NokiaCooker_1.1\Files
9- Reback and done

Finally download from here

Remember that installing CFW's can brick your phone if you don't understand the process of doing it so use them at your OWN RISK ! ! !

{ C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-555 }
and then install the file that you download from me and it will do every thing
and you have to do nothing with copy files


Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...


  1. Brother! why its in EXE format? PLZ reply :(

    1. Did you download? might be in sfx archive. self extracting.