Thursday 1 November 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 675 Nokia C7 K2^jadhav by led

Nokia C7 RM-675 K2^jadhav by led

 [Final Updated v3.2]


Nokia-C7-K2^Jadhav software version 111.040.1511

Thanks For Daily mobile forum Moderator and modders.

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language: English

Final Updated v3.2 [19/10/2012]
#avkon2 Changed 611 Items.

#Toggle class Skin by Kang Sha
White Font:-Calendar,Notes,E-mail,RSS Feed.

#MeeGo style with avatar Conversation.
-Put your avatar images in e:/resource/avatars/ with following rules:
*The avatars must be in .jpg format.
*Size of jpg image can be any, but I recommend to 64px x 64px.
*Name the image same as contact name.
*For your own avatar, name it as "me.jpg".
*If you changes the avatar images to new one, restart phone to take effect.
Rofs2+Rofs3 Downloaded and flash (New user downloaded All files)
Updated v1.0 to v3.1
#Domainserver added to rompatcher.
#Evolve Qt 2.8.2 Theme Default.
#Notifications Widget v2-Metro clear log issue Fixed 100%.
#Patches and Animations File Default to save E drive after flash phone..
#C Drive Free Space 300.7 MB (unnecessary File Delect From uda)
#X-Plore 1.56 - No wait 3 secound (X-PUNRG 2nd App Ingore)
#Nokia 808 fp2 Digital Sound added (Remove Belle Refresh Sound)
#Blue circle splashscreen.
#Default Welcome Note (u can change own line)
#Update Patches minor.
#Install apps folder (Z drive) 4 file added.
# 22 Additional Presets Equalizer added.
# Cache Optimization -8x (This cache mode for ram tweak along with available cache memory from drive X)
# Mail widget Background Fixed.
# Max volume in apps (This mod enable maximum volume in apps such as Music Player, Videos, Calls, Browser)
# More Ram for Apps update.
# Pure Harmattan font.
# Symbian-developers-effects.
# music player vol 100 heap 32mb.
# Unlimited SMS ending Retries mod.
# Disable Fota.
# Landscape & Portrait mode-Dialer & FM Radio also.
# RedAbstract Fm Radio Skin.
# Notifications v2-Metro-widget.
# Sound Improvement V3.3:- -Added more volume to fm radio in headset.
-for more volume in headset (music and call) and earpiece.
-for more quality and Bass in headset.
-All sound mods will be added here. Old patch for loudspeaker you might to delete, or you will disable when you listening music in Headset.
-"ChangeSoundParametersPath.rmp" open Rom Patcher select file and add Domainserver.


RM-675 Nokia C7
Custom Firmware

*Music player Refresh
-Dolby Set 4m Equalizer added.
-Edit Equalizer.
-own new Preset Equalizer.
-Song Metadata Editing.
-Dolby Headphone.

*Screen Saver
-Music Player ScreeSaver.
-Animation ScreenSaver (Anna).
-Slide Show ScreenSaver.
-Red Digital Clock.
-popup clock (NEW LCD digital clock).

-All in one Widgets (Belle Refresh) Skin Pack By "Kang Shao"
-Notifications widget (Anna).
-CommsLauncher Widget (Port Nokia 808).
-Music Player Compact Small.

*customize Mod
-Theme Effect Mass Memory (E:)
-Belle Refresh Shell Default Theme.
-Inbuilt Effect JinHao Meteor Effects.
-Startup Animation & Sound from E: (Creat Folader Animation and chouse u r own file .mp3 and .gif and paste)
-tactile feedback in calls (v2 Short Vibrate when your call picked up or end)
-New splashscreen.
-808 keyboard Fp1
-KingOfAvkon2 v2 by Shahspik Changed 250 Items.
-MaxBatteryLifev 4.0.
-Send protected files over BT.
-haptics improved.
-meego style messaging New Skin.
-voice recognition improvement.
-More power button icons.
-CWRT Core.
-Gallery mod For Belle refresh.
-Smileys Across All Applications Mod.
-Fp1 Task Manager For Belle Refresh.
-5page Extra symbols Messaging.
-video call fps improvement.
-Nokia C7 Camera mods (photo resolution and video focus is better than original mod)
-camera digital zoom.
-Enable hidden Menu icons.
-filemanager extender.
-Download resume on restart Mod.
-Default Drive Name Change.
-Custom profiles mod (Default Name Delight)
-voice recorder 12hrs 256kbps stereo.
-increase context data object max size.
-New Fonts (Bree Serif Symbian Belle).
-KS Improvement.
-Tap-to-unlock autorotation mod
-Fully Hacked Phone (Installserver.exe)
-Custom Logs Age Mod.
-popui improvement.
-xcap cache increase.
-lock screen in landscape.
-Browser cache to E.
-UI Improvement.
-More Home Screen 10.

*performance Mod
-Disable OVI sign in.
-High Memory on Start & RP+ Autostart.
-Improved CPU n GPU Pack.
-Increased Heap Size & Reduced App closing delay Pack.
-Some Other IMP DLL Mods Pack (Rename apps, also create sub folders in folders etc..)

*Applications Inbuilt
-X-plore Ver 1.58 wait For 3 Sec.
-RomPatcher+ 3.1.
-KillMe v1.36.
-Screen Snap v3.01.

*Removed Applications
-Ovi Music.
-World Trawler.
-Bate-Bounce Boing.
-Microsoft Communicator.

Note :-"Change System Font File Path E drive" This file save in Z/Data/Fonts copy this file C Drive (Private/10003a16/Ifonts) Restart Phone After E drive creat Resource/Fonts Folder and copy you your font file and Restart Done !!
-Scr000007.jpg This Image(ColorizeIT app) not put in my cfw because this is paid ver i m deleted this app.

Updated [19/10/2012]Download (All Download Files and flash )

Rofs2+Rofs3 Updated 19/10/2012
New Uda updated 17/10/2012

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Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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