Sunday 18 November 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 588|625|356 Nokia 5230|5233|5800 Blaze Lite BETA[Vanilla] 4th edition

Nokia 5230|5233|5800 - RM-588|RM-625|RM-356 - Blaze Lite BETA[Vanilla] 4th edition


This thread is for Blaze Lite/Vanilla [October 2012, Fourth Release].



PNHT: For building a platform, for the mods, for the apps, for Everything!

Binh24: For the C6-Ports and icon packs!
LPHS and Team Envy-Unleashed: For making the C6-Structured OFW!

Special thanks to: swapnilwajpe, deeps_17[/b] and all others, who helped in making and creating Blaze v2 a hit!

Mods: Upakul, NP, Alex393 and other Great Modders from DM

Special Thanks to Amarjit: For always supporting us!

Team Blaze Ultimate:
All those who contributed and DailyMobile Forum!

MAX RAM: 77.70 MB! - Highest Value ever recorded in the History of Nokia S60 v5 Touch!
Stable RAM after heavy usage: 68 MB




-- CPU speed Increased but Lightened
-- Starter files Rectified and modded for a faster boot. Now more RAM on startup!
-- Heap Size Maintained and Rectified for heavy loading and Browsing
-- Kinetic Scrolling is now stabilized and modded. Now scroll thousands of messages with No problems in scrolling at all!
-- Many Speed mods added and CPU speed balanced with Battery usage! Maximum RAM n best Battery backup recorded here on DM !!
-- No app will stay in background at all! Get maximum RAM !
-- System Cache Highly Increased!
-- UI Highly adjusted for Performance!
-- Not using any Staticfeatures.dll file! - This will give you NO problem with brightness whatsoever!


-- Custom Icons by Sir Apex666
-- Beta Version contains Gado Gado Icons by Goodness
-- Premium Characters by Drigz added to Symbols
-- Nokia Splashes added.
-- No Belle Navibar Crap.
-- Changeable Splash and Shutdown screen

Just place your desired splash and shutdown in mif format in C:\resource\apps

Splashscreen: Splashscreen.mif
Shutdown: SysAp.mif
You will have to apply Open4All Patch to copy. Use Xplore or Filebrowser.

Blaze animation added to E:\Boot\ folder
Now add two boot screens and two tones to your device! In gif and mp3 format !!
Just rename your gif(s) and put in E:\Boot\ folder as follows:

Boot animation 1: Startup.gif
Boot tone 1: Startup.mp3

Boot animation 2: Startup 2.gif
Boot tone 2: Startup 2.mp3

Shutdown animation: Shutdown.gif
Shutdown tone: Shutdown.mp3

-- Custom Theme Effects by Allstar12345


-- C5-03 Tap to Unlock Added
-- Breathing Light while charging ON (Middle White Light)
-- Ovi Maps 3.06 with Latest updates


-- Modded the Menu layout and added a few important folders
-- Conversations icon hidden from Menu
-- Profile and themes now show in 'Tools' folder


-- Center text
-- Extended Menu [Menu looks Elongated]
-- Alphanumeric Keyboard by dan-av - Apply the Patches in RomPatcher.
-- N8 Qwerty Layout by dan-av - Apply the Patches in RomPatcher.
-- 4 row qwerty

Music Player

-- Voice Recording Quality increased [HQ]
-- Voice Recorder will record up to 1 hour now!
-- Music Player searches only E:\Music\ Move all your Music files here
-- Symbian 3 Equaliser


-- Gallery won’t search Hidden and Wallpapers folder. Store all secret stuff in those Folders.
-- Gallery will search only E:\Images Folder


-- Nokia Browser (Fastest and Latest Browser by Nokia)
-- New overall Browsing Experience by Nokia!
-- Internet and Browsing Cache moved to E:\
-- Browser Cache increased to 35 MB


-- Video Camera Frame Rates Highly Increased
-- Camera image quality set to max for all the Models
-- Disabled Camera RAM. Now camera won’t stay in the background and eat RAM after you exit it.

Clock Settings [Exclusive Mods]

-- Clock set to 24 Hours by default
-- Digital Clock set as default

Light Settings:

-- Light Intensity: 30%
-- Light Time-out: 15sec

Themes added:

-- NuLight Theme by IND190
-- FireBird Theme


-- Bluetooth renamed to ‘Blaze!’
-- Profile name is just ‘General’ now.
-- Extra Sensor: Tapping Controls added
-- Kinetic Scrolling is much smoother!
-- Custom Versions changed! Check *#0000#
-- "Restart!" key in place of "Lock Screen and keys" ! Press the Power button n check!
-- No vibration while Lock/Unlock


-- Kill Me list added [Advanced]
-- Messaging setting: 999 Sent as default
-- 96 Languages support added to Conversations app
-- Auto Creation of folders after flash - Blaze, Boot and thinkchange
-- Default Startup time (setting) after Flash changed!
-- Flashing/Formatting won't ask for Country Selection and Date-Time Input.


5 HS added:
-- Contacts HS
-- Basic
-- Finger Use
-- Full Page
-- Navigation Bar

-- Basic HS set to default

-- 5 Flash Live Screens by Deeps_17 added to E:\Blaze\ folder [Exclusive!]


Applications added to Rofs2:

-- File Browser
-- Conversations app in Messaging with support for over 96 Languages
-- Kill Me v1.36
-- BTSwitch
-- Autoinstaller
Applications added to AutoInstaller:

These apps are optional. Run AutoInstaller after flashing to install these apps. To check the apps before/after install, go to thinkchange folder in memory card.

-- RomPatcher+ v3.1 with AutoStart
-- DzMusic Keys v2.00


-- Welcome
-- My Nokia
-- Ovi Store
-- Ovi Sync
-- Ovi Contacts

>> HACK:

-- Real Hack! Installserver Patch by Vova1989 added. Now no QT and Ovi Store bugs!
-- Application Policies for all Apps Rectified
-- All Widgets Security Disabled
-- All Java Permissions removed
-- System File Manager will show all System folders in E:\
-- Nokia Welcome SMS is completely stopped
-- Ram – Eating Ovi Contacts Removed


Read the Note Carefully. If you don't understand something, Feel free to ask questions in the thread. All instructions are clearly listed.[/b]

Download Links for Vanilla.

>> RM-588 -- RELEASED!!

Core OR Core by Team Eclipse
Blaze Lite Beta (ROFS2 + UDA)
Fix for Nokia 5230 RM-588: HERE. Copy to rofs2 OR use c2z patch.

>> RM-356 --RELEASED!


>> RM-625 -- RELEASED!

Rofs2 + Uda

>> RM-559

Core OR Core By Team Eclipse
Rofs2 + Uda


-- Use of Uda is mandatory! Delete the one from the core n use the one in the rofs2.
-- Password for Core files: binh24

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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