Thursday 1 November 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 609 Nokia E6 Extreme Light Enhanced

Nokia E6 Extreme Performance Light Enhanced

I have made a light version of my extreme performance firmware. This time I preserved Nokia Store, Nokia Social and Nokia Maps. I also preserved the original Adobe application. All others have been removed. See my original firmware here: Extreme Performance Firmware

Here is the change log (credit to mode creators):

1. OVI signon disabled.
2. Short vibration on calls added.
3. Unlimited screens added.
4. Excellent theme effects "smooth as hell" by Allstar added.
5. Java permission mode added.
6. Sysap by CodeRS added with reboot option (no domain server as I believe your phone should be closed by default).
7. LD patches added so that the phone could be hacked via Rompatcher.
8. Excellent ring tones extracted from Vertu firmware added to Rofs2.
9. All languages but English removed. However, writing is available in Euro1 languages.
10. Startup animation and sound disabled.
11. E-mail to E.
12. Browser cache to E.

About 93 mgb of space on C recovered.

This time I have included all files including the calibrated core.

Instructions for newbies: unzip/unrar the files. Put them in a directory that could be seen by Phoenix and flash (refurbish).


P.S. Moderators. No screen shot is possible.

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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