Sunday 4 November 2012

Custom Firmwares: RM- 596 Nokia N8 Panthum's Belle

Nokia N8 - RM596 Pathum's Belle Refresh 040.1511 CFW

First off, this is the BELLE REFRESH firmware (Sri Lanka variant) with a VERY FEW mods. There are NO GPU/CPU tweaks, NO kinetic scrolling etc...

MODS in the firmware

1) NO "message sent to" delivery notification pop up (but you can still see the delivery status in the Delivery Reports folder

2) Equalizer can be edited

3) Song Meta data can be edited

4) FP1 style taskmanager

5) N9 fonts (please report any bugs in applications)

6) Installserve included (hacked) - so far i havent come across any errors, please report if you find any.

Languages - English and Phillipino

Nothing has been removed from the Official Firmware.

Later if you want to you can install the Kinetic Scroll improvement packs, and the theme effects base package etc. that is easily available on the forum.

Finally i just want to say i take no credit in releasing this. I just used the mods that were done by some brilliant modders like CODeRUS, nicesoni_ash, sklchan, iExtraX7, PVN, ivo777 and everyone else who contributes towards the success of Symbian. So, all credits should go to them!

Try it out and pls let me know the bugs guys!


Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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