Wednesday 7 November 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 779 Nokia 603 belle fp1 v112.010.1404 galaxy by GioLao

nokia 603 belle fp1 v112.010.1404 cfw galaxy by GioLao

friends, i am sharing this cfw with you which was actually shared to me by Kojiro
so all thanks to him.
this cfw was made by GioLao.
so thanks to him too...
use this cfw at your own risk.
i am not the author of this cfw and if any bugs found, i wont be able to help you because i dont know anything about modding.

the post was originally in Vietnamese and i am using google translate to post it in english.

changes made

Nokia Store latest version 3.24.050

Eliminate Social Network icons from the menu and Zip for compact, the function remains normal use.

Facebook experience with full application of extremely pro Fmobi

Change your phone to the new DNS is the network by blocking Fmobi

Settings - connection - settings - network destination - internet - choose connection point - the right option - DNS address
fill lines on
the fill line

Add notes and computer widget.

Fix many beautifully transparent widget.

Add function to edit song details

Add custom configuration function normally

Highlight the column pin

Automatic key lock after 45s (default is 1p)

Smooth scroll bar, a stop (to avoid being cross-eyed)

Theme beautiful, full of more than 1,200 regular Applications

Turn off WiFi, NFC after flash

Background consistent with the theme of FW

C after flash drive> 330MB

Hack permanently.

Super fast boot

Create an unlimited number homescreen

Scanning speed in the file collection

Log off My Nokia

CPU speed up to 85% gaming, watching HD movies faster and smoother

Turn off background applications: contacts, messages, calendar, clock ... - Save ram

Send any file by using file manager

Increased ability to zoom

Smoother roll

Shake off the keypad lock

More Vietnamese in data dictionary

Add "goodbye" when off

Fully embedded widget ....

Default configuration name Galaxy

Default ring tones to vibrant

Unique message alerts

Clock alarm tone by GioLao - not awake not

Bookmark the Fix common sites Vietnamese

Cache stored on drive E, the cache has no limit

Automatically reload when restart

Add popular domain names available: com, net, org, en

Increase wifi reception

More new sound and attractive

Report calls time

Call Detail Report

Vibration feedback when making calls / receive calls

Turned on for the silent vibration

Notification message sent

Save 999,999 private

Completely encoded characters

Load music from E: \ \ Music, F: \ \ Music

Refining equalizer

Music player 40MB heap

12h recording quality stereo

Ram recovery when off camera

Added option to mute

* Applications built:

- Photo Browser application was upgraded to the latest version (on the Ovi Store)
- Winrar - extract zip file on your phone extremely pro
- Screen shot - screen capture
- Rom Patcher 3.1 Vietnamese icon of anna
- Scleaner - garbage super fast, super clean
- EmulOff - instead of the power key applications (outside the homescreen to use offline)
- Network Switcher (network frequency even when on battery saving mode)
no inbuilt facebook app.

galaxy by GioLao

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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