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Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 The One Reloaded v3.2.2 updated

Nokia 808 RM-807 The One Reloaded v3.2.2 (12.11.2012)

This is my new Custom Firmware for the Nokia 808!

You will find all informations about Mods and the base version I used in the Changelog.

I was aiming for a slim and fast version, without loosing the touch of the original one.

My CFW will come without Nokia Store preinstalled (for now and for future updates).
All Store prerequisites are installed, you can install the latest version of the store by only one file, it is as easy as updating!

About hard resets
You don't need to do that after flashing your phone...
But if you feel like you have to do a hard reset, it is easier to reflash your device again.
Format E:\ and F:\ for best results and then reflash the CFW again, that way you won't lose all apps and mods on C:\.
That saves alot of time i think...


The Firmware has ~570MB free on C:\.


RM-807 Nokia 808
Custom Firmware
The One Reloaded

-default settings changed
-homescreen settings/mods
-unlimited homescreen mod (max. 100)
-first homescreen can be deleted
-Widget arrangement for first homescreen
-Widget arrangement for second homescreen
-Widget arrangement for third homescreen
-arrangement for portrait and landscape
-added The One background images
-to "c:\data\_tools\backgrounds" fully removable
-menu arrangement (matrixmenudata.xml)
-predefined settings for
-screen saver
-mod to rename all profile names
-handset and speaker volume
-clock & calendar
-music player
-product improvement
-sw update

-apps updated/moved
-added "Restart" application
-shared by syarmwawa, new icon by me
-added screen savers (thanks to M4C351)
-music player
-slide show
-Phone as Modem functionality
-moved to rofs
-added new widgets
-nokia widgets released by taylor
-contacts, communications
-flip clock
-"white/transparent" by Dima-zh1
-text clock
-"blue" by Syarmwawa
-slighly renamed widgets
-better readability and looks
-all new widgets modded for rofs2

-browser mods
-removed all bookmarks
-removed default feeds
-added "The One Symbian Blog" feed
-resume downloads on browser-restart
-set browser cache to infinite
-set as default homepage
-toplevel domains (ch,com,net,org,de)

-camera-mods (photo)
-compression quality for all resolutions modded
-set to 95%

-music player mods
-music player search E:\Music, F:\Music
-music player heap to 30MB
-increased max. volume
-more supported file formats for harvester
-increased max. volume for speaker
-equalizer mod
-metadata editor
-by coderus/chris_marsh

-voice recorder mod
-720min recording @256kbps, stereo

-hacked by
-installserver.exe (with log)
-by coderus
-RomPatcher Plus v3.1 FP2
-by Il.Socio
-modded Anna icon
-unknown creator
-integrated patches
-c repository 4 all
-fmtx unlimited waiting time
-high level volume fix
-more sound in loudspeaker
-ChangeLayoutSize v.1.9

-alarm mod 2.0
-alarm tone duration set to 5min
-snooze notifications disabled
-by coderus

-java permission mod
-by coderus

-gprs/wifi connections in log
-by coderus & iExtraX7

-tacticle feedback in calls
-by ancelad

-disabled active diverts
-by valek_zzz(?)

-red led (menu button) while charging
-by L0velas

-heap size & closing delay modified
-thanks to jibinmobile

-modified swipolicy.ini

-send protected files from default filebrowser

-CPU & GPU modded for better Performance and Batterylife

-kinetic scrolling improvement
-by ancelad

-rename apps in main menu
-by iExtraX7, FP1-Patch by Chris_Marsh

-create subfolders in mainmenu
-by iExtraX7, FP1-Patch by Chris_Marsh

-disabled onscreen popups
-for new messages and missed calls

-"the one" splashscreen
-by shahspik

-modded default font
-added symbol support

-symbols for profiles and power button menu

-fixed tactile feedback level 3

-popup fader disabled
-by iChris701

-smileys across all applications
-by iChris701

-faster screen rotation

-sysap 1.2 by iChris701
-special thanks to iChris701 for this special version!
-power button is untouched (no restart on long-press)
-disabled notifications
-power saving
-browser and network queries
-disabled auto switch for power saving mode
-log saved when sim card changes
-unlimited sms sending retries

-mods in c:\_tools\mods
-mods in this location
-808 User Agent 2.0
-Text under HS-Icons 2.0
-Theme Effects FP2 1.0
-PopUp Modifier 1.0
-mods will be copied from z:\ to c:\ after first boot

-support for custom startup animation
-name and place your files on c:\ like this
-empty folder "c:\_tools\startup" created after first boot
-removed default startup animation & sound

-support for custom theme effects
-original effects are used by default!
-original effects are taken from z:\resource\effects
-copy custom effects to "c:\data\_tools\effects\" ("c:\_tools\effects" with default file browser)
-empty folder "effects" created after first boot
-restart your device and they will work!

-removed stuff
-MyNokia is disabled
-no Nokia Account activation at first boot
-fota cache to 0
-excluded some folders from gallery
-removed language files for english only
-apps removed from startup
-phonebook, messaging, calendar, clock, log
-dummy files added by Nokia
-removed preinstalled apps
-Nokia Music
-Quick Office
-Adobe Reader LE
-JoikuSpot Light
-Psiloc World Traveler
-Nokia Store
-Microsoft Apps
-Microsoft Communicator
-Silent Film Director
-Nokia Recommends
-Bounce Boing Battle
-NFC Tutorials
-car mode

-cleand up core/rofs2/uda
-removed unnecessary files
-rearragend files


known Bugs:
-[note] this list is always for the most recent version!
-[note] known Belle-bugs are excluded from this list
*waiting for your feedback*

I'll try to keep the known bugs list up-to-date. Bugs will be fixed in next versions, if it's not a major bug, it can take some time...

RM-807 The One Reloaded

freaxs_r_us is translating my custom firmware for you, if you like his work, don't forget to hit "+1" for him
all languages, translated by freaxs_r_us can be downloaded here:

Translations for TheOne v3.2.1


1. Just get the download from TheOne as always
2. get the translated files from me in your language
3. exchange the files you got from me with the original ones (rofs2 & uda)


- all needed translation files
- if TTS (text to speech) is available for your language, then it is included
- all translated Rofs2 have English & your language
(so if you need to follow English tutorials, then you know where to go)
- all writing and keyboard files
- all dialer files
- all chinese keyboard files tested and working

- added screensaverplugins in all languages
- fixed message reader bug
- updated ecom.spi
- added other language files

Known "Bugs":
- Third party Applications, for example: ROM patcher+, are not translated
- after including chinese to the firmware the Font size is messed up when in a non-chinese language

02 french - Français
03 german - auf deutsch
04 spanish - espanól
05 italian - italiano
06 swedish - på svenska

07 danish - på dansk
08 norwegian - i norske
09 finnish - Suomeksi
10 american english
13 portugese - português

14 turkish - Türkçe olarak
15 icelandic - á íslensku
16 russian - на русском языке
17 hungarian - magyar
18 dutch - in het Nederlands

25 czech - na český
26 slowak - na slovenskom
27 polish - w języku polskim
28 slovenian - v slovenskih
30 hong kong chinese

31 chinese - 在中國 - 在中国
33 thai - ในภาษาไทย
37 arabic - باللغة العربية
39 tagalog - sa tagalog
42 bulgarian - на български

45 croatian - na hrvatskom jeziku
49 estonian - Eesti
50 farsi / persian - به زبان فارسی
54 greek - στην ελληνική γλώσσα

67 latvian - latviešu valodā
68 lithunian - iš Lietuvos
76 brazilian portugese - em Português do Brasil
78 romanian - în limba română
79 serbian - na srpskom

83 latin american spanish - latinoamericanos español
93 ukrainian - українською мовою
94 urdu - اردو میں
96 vietnamese - bằng tiếng Viet
326 malaysian - di Malaysia

327 indonesian - di Indonesia

Enjoy the Firmware and share your feedback!

for more screenshots follow this link
The One Reloaded v1.1.0

-updated topic to v3.2.1

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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