Tuesday 20 November 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 588|625||504|356|559 Nokia 5230|5233|5530|5800|X6 Blooded v3 c6v42

Nokia 5233|5230|5530|5800|X6 Blooded v3 c6v42  belle top-bar,clock 

Hello friends this is mr.w0nd3rfu1..
releasing my 3rd version of my blooded cfw..
Also the fixed and original versions of blooded cfw added here.
Available for five devices: Nokia 5230, 5233, 5530, 5800, X6
credits: nikhil, undertaker, mr_gaurav2000, devilyazdan, pnht, coderus, apex666, salman_dude, prrarth and other modders..

New fixed version of blooded.v3 is released...

Fixed changelogs..
-default call volume increase to 80 & 100 in
-default phone time for call log items
-improve heap size -installserver by vova
-top bar skin s2 by rakot fully transparent so no
problem in surfing & reading
-show sim contacts by default
-tap to unlock restyle by djraz
-notification widget now working
-belle clock fully removed
-new smileys added
-centre text
-java permission
-conversation like wp7 in messaging
-show system folders & files in default file manager
-tactile feedback v2
-mode switch in keyboard
-go to music store replace with goto ttpod
-quick rotate added
-mruntime added in rofs2
-conversation icon hidden from menu
-themes & profile now show in menv
-kill me protected list added
-prevent app running in background like contacts & log
-call person icon by djraz
Notes=after adding notification widget on hs goto calender for sometime then notification will work properly
-ktask removed b,coz while adding ktast to starte.....rsc all autostart apps stop working & if add in rofs without starter ktask auto boot doesn't so if anyone want install it manually
video of the working of cfw..

Screenshots of fixed version..

Blooded.v3.. {original}

Fixedversion above but original v3 here..
see the screenshots and other things..
>Based on c6v42 port

graphics modification
>Added 2 themes {Blooded's red, Blooded's ICS by zero omer}
>Belle topbar added by nikhil{also updateable}
>Belle topbar skin by zero omer
>Pied icons {credits: IND190}
>Whole new themes effects {credits: aky 4}
>used simple fonts..{with 6 pages symbol}
>New belle navibar symbol used..{credits: masum56k}

general modification
>Light Mods Changed
>More Battery Life
>More Speed
>Hide Your Files From Gallery In Blooded Folder
>Nokia Browser - Extremely fast
>Music Clarity, You Will Never Listen Such Loud And Clear (With New Equalizer)
>N8 Equalizer With Single Touch Activation
>No More Hangs Up
>StartUp And ShutDown Screen Changed
>Default Wallpaper Changed
>Default Profile Name Changed To Blooded.v3
>Ovi Suite Detect Device As Blooded's 5233
>Startup files autostart Belle Topbar and Deskclock {exclusive, credits:mr_gaurav2000}
>all bugs of v1 and v2are fixed.
>added google maps
>Ovi Map included without qt bugs
>Qt bug fixed

>Best ram management.
>6 page symbol removed.

>No scroll bar mod added.
>Faster phone.
>Call mod by djraz.
>Anna scrolling.
>Fast rotation.
>In list mode in menu Big icons are there..thnx to mr.gaurav.
>Belle touch sense.
>App openin delay reduced.
>Camera Quality mod.
>Decrease theme preview time.
>Faster scrolling in Music player.
>Kinetic Scroll(never stop's).
>and other exclusive mods..

It is too fast to be beleived

>Rom patcher working
>Dictionary added
>Zip added
>Bluetooth receiver added
>Ovi Contacts Removed
>DzMusic V2.0 Working
>DzMusic Key v2.0 Added
>MemCheck App Added
>Kill Me App Added
>File browser Added
>Bluetooth Receiver Added
>Metro Calculator Added

Don't forget to use DZ-Music keys while driving...

friends screen snap of blooded.v3..
hope u like them..

Download Blooded.v3:-

updated..added 5233 fixed version..

Blooded.v3 released fixed version by salman..

5233:-Blooded.v3 here..fixed version

5230:-Blooded.v3 here..fixed version

5233:- rofs2-Blooded.v3 here..
          core- here..

5230:- rofs2-Blooded.v3 here..

5530:- rofs2-Blooded.v3 here..

5800:- rofs2-Blooded.v3 Part 1 here.. Blooded.v3 Part2 here..
          rofs2-Blooded.v3 Part 2 here.. Thanks to @poran for fixing the bugs....

X6:- rofs2-Blooded.v3 here..   thnx to prrarthamesh..

>> Download Both Part 1 and Part 2 of Rofs File
>> Download and Install WINRAR (Search in google).
>> Select both part 1 and part 2 > Right Click > Extract Here.

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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