Monday 5 November 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 774 Nokia 701 Gold

Nokia 701 RM-774 RKY 701 Gold | Just Try It N Feel it | The First Cfw in 2012

RKY 701 Gold

whats added "-
(a brief description of what added )

rky blog link added to browser
Hacked with install server.exe
browser cache to e
download will resume after restart
Enable Default HS Delete
killme app added
lock screen in landscape
disable camera always running in background
Fix Restore gprs . wifi data entry on log after anna update
symbian belle text changed to nokia belle
cache size increased
Music Player Screen Saver of PR1.2 added
Disable Active Diverts Note for Symbian Belle mod added
hide HS icons text
Operator Logo Item In General Settings
profile name changed to rky
ring tone for video call and normal call changed to Silver.aac
vibrates when users receive a call disbled
Keypad Volume from 2 to 1
Gallery folder search : This mod changes the default directories which are scanned by gallery added
Java Permissions mod by CODeRUS added
music player serach E:\Music, E:\Music Store Downloads, F:\Music, F:\Music Store Downloads mod added
custom log age mod added
startup message added
startup tone voulme increased
Notification Widget added
701 pic 100 vid 30 improvement mod added
equalizer editing mod added
increase context data object max size
haptics improved
music player max volume mod added
music player custom made equalizer s added
music player vol 100 heap 32mb
popui improvement
tactile_feedback in calls added
UI Improvement
vibration alert improvement
video call fps improvement
xcap cache increase
voice recorder 12hrs 256kbps stereo
voice recognition improvement
All New Nokia Widgets added
all Prebuilted Music and videos and images removed
701 fm transmitter mod added
Jin hao effects V2 added
and many more improvement ,,



Rofs2+Core+Other files (all files)

pass:- rky

no need to download any other files just use these ..

Notes :
1. Make RM-774 folder and put the files that you download from the links before .
2. Delete emmc from List in option of phoenix while flashing.
3. Just use rm-774 instead of rm-596 if u read in flashing guide.
4. If u don't know flashing don't do that....
5. Flash and install this cfw at your own risk.
6. Use only rm-774 files to flash your nokia 701 phone.
7. enjoy N This hack will remain if you update to a new version with OTA Mode.

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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