Tuesday 27 November 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 609 Nokia E6-00 ULA 3.0 Belle Refresh

Nokia E6-00 ULA 3.0 Belle Refresh

Ver Firmware RM-609 111.140.0058 Refresh
(full modify for english and polish)

All credits to all modderators )))
Specialy strategist, the_one.89, Surghikov, Allstar12345, hagar006.

~330MB free space on disk C

- E6 Widgets:
 - mini contact
 - Small contact
 - email 6x3
 - email 8x3
 - small shortcuts
 - small WIFII
 - Music Compact Small
- NEW Mifs
- AknCapServerMod

- Increased Heap Size & Reduced App closing delay

- JAVA Fix
- AllowRenameApps 
- Messaging Color Blue
- Unlimited homescreens
- Chris-joshlog MOD
- Alphanumeric Keyboard Speed
- Battery,network style change
- Bootscreen n Sound disable
- CRACKed (RomPatcher+install server)
- Custom profiles
- Enable hidden Menu icons
- Equalizer SETs
- Fp1 Task Manager
- Galery Search Folders
- Improved CPU n GPU
- KineticScroling Improvement
- Left soft lock
- Camera Mod
- NokiaPureFonts
- Send Protected Files via BT
- New effects
- Restart on Power Button
- New collections of widgets
- Adobe Reader 10(from belle FP2)
- X-plore-1.58 with new icons(free ver)
- Battery,network style change avcon2
- NEW Menu Layout
- New Wallpapers
- NEW Anna ScreenSavers
- NEW Default Theme


-Maps User Guide
-Ovi Music
-Mobile F-Secure Security
-Adobe Readre LE
-Psilic Word Traveler
-Psilic Font Magnifer
-Microsoft Office (but not Pixi components - new emial)
-Nokia recommande
-Some background run startup tasks for fast start (not affected work at phone)

UPDATE to 3.01
- New Wallpappers
- Free UnRar
- Names in Conversation View
- Fixed all errors

Download here


Flashing procedure:
- install Phoenix
- To directory Program Files \ Nokia \ Phoenix \ Products \ make & copy directory RM-609(with ULA files)
- Open the Phoenix
- menu FILE> OPEN PRODUCT and find our product code
- Click on button '' ... ''
- Choose our FIRMWARE
- Select Dead Phone USB flashing
- Click on the Options button
- If any item in the list is highlighted in red, select and click on the DELETE (usually Mem. Card Content - the file manufacturer of the contents of the memory card)
- Click Refubish
- Will get a message about connecting a phone to the USB cable
- Turn off the phone, in most necessarily holding down the key disable phone for at least 8 seconds on the phone will vibrate 3 times (reset)
- Connect your phone and click Ok
- After a few minutes you will be informed of the end of flashing
- Phone can switch on to the service mode just disable it again and enable
- U can use new software


Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...


  1. can you give me the mod for

    - Galery Search Folders
    - Improved CPU n GPU
    - NEW Anna ScreenSavers
    - Left soft lock

  2. are E-mail and Browser cache moved to E.

  3. pretty good ..i started using yo cfw yesterday