Monday 31 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 625 | 588 Nokia 5233 | 5230 Affection MT 4.2

Nokia 5233 - Nokia 5230 - Affection-MT updated to 4.2 aka IMT 4.2

Nokia Affection-MT, the fastest CFW for Nokia 5233 and Nokia 5230/5235 phones is updated to version 4.2.

Here are highlights of Nokia Affection-MT
All common mods
No Belle navi bar#
Center Text

3*4 and 4*2 menu structure
Conversation in menu, not in messaging
Belle like menu(hot!)
No scroll bar in menu
Symbian Belle theme
Nokia s^3 font (for better reading)
6 page symbols
Belle icons
Notifications widget(belle icons)
Inbuilt Accel Switch
Better Ram management
Effective lights setting
Rom patcher, KillMe and MemoryInfo inbuilt
Better sound qualty
Mini qwerty present
Battery life increased, watch movies without tension
Profile, themes and phone switch in menu
Super fast speed
53 mb free ram, normally 50+
Tap to unlock
Fastest KS(you can’t believe)
Profile name – Affection-MT
Nokia Affection start screen(really cool, professional and branded)
Fastest theme effect(hot!) and more……

Music Player detail : Smartly managed the music player file reading in Affection. You have to put your files in E:\Music\Digital\ and put your ringtone and other files to E:\Music\Simple\ so you can easily manage your ringtones and music files.

I bet that this is the fastest, coolest, and sexiest firmware for Nokia 5233 and 5230.

This was my personal .. but I thought it should be share with all. ..Many thanks to Binh24, Pnht and dailymobile’s members who made mods and all the stuffs. ..This is 100% bug free and FASTEST firmware.
Please note that I worked really HARD for this and flashed over 300 times to fix bugs and add simplicity, smoothness and hotness… So please share my firmware with others and give credit to me. I bet you”ll enjoy this. Blieve me, this is the BEST.

Note : I am not responsible if your phone got bricked after installing/flashing with my firmware or warranty broke. But no harm, trust me.
…and the download link -

V3 for Nokia 5233 here

v4 for Nokia 5230, 5235 here

v4.1 for Nokia 5233 here

v4.1 for Nokia 5230 (without belle menu ->4×4 menu) here

Core file for 5233 : RM-625v51 core C6-v42 here

Please check more screen shots for more details.. but performance is all in my cfw. and password is IrresistibleMT for files.

Changes in Affection-MT 4.2 code name IMT 4.2-

Everytime you restart the phone , memory will be 50+mb free
3 themes-
- Metro CI(Custom Icons) *For Black Phone Owners*
- Metro DI(Default Icons) *For Black Phone Owners*
- Belle
Fastest KS and everything
Fast installation
Better battery backup
New statupscreen *Lord Ganesh Black* (Super awesome)
New Ringtone(Indian style) and new message tone(short & funny)
Menu rearranged for better use
Few minor bugs which was not noticable, fixed
A decent default Wallpaper added
Clean Home Screen

Download Links
IMT 4.2 Rofs2 For Nokia 5233

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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