Tuesday 4 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 774 Nokia 701 FP2 Clean and Original 113.010.1506 NEW UPDATES

Nokia701 RM-774 FP2 (113.010.1506)NEW UPDATES :Clean & Original: By Mukesh

this is tested by me and found no bugs.
it has no personalize 
using all basic mod in this FW if you like my work then click on green arrow
Firmware Highlights
Core cleaned and it has no dummy files of rompatcher, symntech and unlock also.
Phone always hack ,, install serever into rof2
Change theme effect path from core U can use theme effect from e>resource>effect 
Change the charging light path to red light and battery low warning time to 15 sec.
camera improvements 
Call on Vibrate added and also Vibrat on Call waiting
No personal theme added 
No profile & bluetooth name change
Clean UDA only unused software removed 
KS very fast
New Equilizer mod and edit mod
install Rompatcher directly no need safe manager

500 mb phone memory free
Two language added Hindi and english only 
No premedia contents 
New Avkon
Browser cache moved to C
Message Delivery Default Yes
Active Call Duration & Summary
Call Waiting ON by Default

Thanks to all Modders.
And Special thanks to
i ExtraX7
and also thanks those modder whose mods i have used in this CFW


1. ALL New Mods Added Which Support FP2
2. GPU and CP
U Mod added, the battery will work 48 Hours on heavy uses and device perform very fast
3. New themes added
4. New application added 
5. Rom patcher with Auto Start added 
6. X plorer added
7. application stopper added 
8. Hindi and English language added ( other language soon in Rof3 which are on testing) I working on 8 language 
added in Rof3 ..when it ready then i post it. Thanx for waiting
9. Kinetick scrolling improved 
10. Camera quality improve 
11. dolby sound On by default 
12. Red light bug remove when charging 
13. New avkon2 added with new graphics 
14. file manager extended Mod
15. New Equilizer set added
16. Transparent digital clock 

Download all files and flash the product code is 059H218 ( but product does not matter)
please flash with all files provided in zip

This is Complete Files package of core, rof2, rof3, UDA, vpl and bin files

All updated Files

Download Files One By One
Download Files By user Choice 
All Important Files added 
For Flash core, Rof2, Rof3, UDA , bin and vpl file are important 
so Download it and enjoy
Download these all Files and put into Folder "RM-774" and flash. Then You will enjoy fresh "Clean and Original" Fw

Fresh Rof2 with all Mods udates 30/10/2012

All Latest mods included into above Rof2 (tested No Bug, i see )
and New mod sys app for FP2 also include (its demanded) 

Fresh Rof2 with all Essential Application and all Mods udates 30/10/2012

All essential apps in the above rof2 and mod also
Apps included 
Rompatcher Auto start 
kill me
Mem check 
Key lock
File Browser 
Sys apps fp 2 mod ichris701

ONLY Hacked ROF2 no mod and no apps included30/10/2012

Some People want only hack CFW and they do not want any mod or any essential apps so i added this Rof2

Latest Install server added
Install Every thing which U want 

100% Clean UDA 30/10/2012 (and no paid apps)

All Unwanted Apps Removed
Microsoft apps 
Microsoft configuration
Nokia maps 
UDA with maps only 100% Clean UDA
Apps added
and other drive include 
No microsoft apps

Core file download Click here
All dummy files Removed (rom pacher, and symentec files)
Theme Effect basically changed z/resoruces/effect to E/resources/effect (put your effect folder into E/Resources)
Meego messeging added {thanx for original modder}

Rof3 file downlaod here & in future language will added
Vpl bin dcp files download here

How to Use Fonts

1. Select in rompatcher open 4 all
2. Open File Manager and go to c/ private/ 10003a16/ and delete ifont folder 
3. then go to c/ Resources and and add folder Named "Fonts" and paste the provided Files
4. Restart device and New Font Works 
Hindi dictionary works Fine 
Disadvantage There is no way to delete the fonts again
Fonts are attached Below 
Pure Harmattan font FP2.rar
8 language Rof2/Rof3 under construction (it have some bug)............................

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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  1. can you put a spanish language please your cfw is awesome