Tuesday 18 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 Euro1 113.010.1507 Belle FP2 Awakening 7

[UPDATE 12.17]Nokia 808 RM-807 Euro1 113.010.1507 Belle FP2 Awakening 7 By M4C35

Belle Awakening 7 Feature Pack 2 [Donna]

The Nokia 808 CFW RM-807 113.10.1507 Euro1 Belle fw-FP2 version is built.

Thank you: Nokia, Marco Bellini, Strategist, Chris Joshlog, iExtrax7, Coderus, dcdarbar, nicesoni_ash, syarmwawa, SkullATOS, iChris701, M4C35


Changes of V.: 7.3:

- Modified swipolicy.ini- Fixed a bug in the Bluetooth and WLAN (Sysap.exe)
- Fixed a memory problem (a larger heap size!)
-Notifications Widget
- AknCapServer mod: -Fast-calling Task List, When Entering menu button for one half second.
-Saving clipboard text after rebooting phone.
- The Best Toggle v2 by Shahspik
- Sysap 1.4 mod: (Edit 1.2 updated to 1.4!)
-FMTX Popups disabled for english , german languages.
-Bt disabling on offline profile switch disabled. Thanks to iExtraX7's original Patch.
-Bluetooth Connectivity bug fixed.
-Connection popup bug fix on 808.
-New feature on SMSS.DLL to unlimited retries of sms sending in-case sms sending fails due to low network.
- Reparticionalt fw (more space in C
- Avkon2_mod_by_carpenter_s_son
- Startup - Shutdown Animation & Sound from C: \ Data \ Animations- New nokia SplashScreen.mif and SymbianPhone Starup.gif (WinPhone Style By Me)
- C\: + 572 MB Free Space
- Deleted the unnecessary application mounts (the folder is uploaded, you just need to copy the C:\, reboot the phone and can be used) -Adobe Reader
-Bounce Boing Battle
-JoikuSpot Light
-Microsoft Apps - Plugins
-Microsoft Communicator
-Configure Microsoft
-Microsoft Lync
-Microsoft Shared
-Nfc tutorial
-Psiloc World Traveler
-Silent Film Director
-Video Pro
-Vlingo Voice

DeadPhone Flash Required!!!


Direct Link- 7.3

Fixed the Bluetooth connection errors and the opera.
The 7.1 version of the Core and Rofs3 to replace this two files and Flash!

-removed Modified SWpolicy.ini

Direct Link- 7.2

Awakening 7.1

I Updated Awakening 7 to 7.1

The list of changes:

Enable full java(webbrowser)
New homepage(webbrowser)
Maximum number of Recent URLs shown in the pop up list 10(webbrowser)
More ram for apps
Incresed heap size and reduced app closing delay
Tactile feadback on calls improved lite
Charging led red, when the charg is complet, led is blink-blink  Exclusive
Improved screensaver rotation mode
Efect folder moved to drive E:\effect (with Razor effect, only copy patch in Z:\data\apps)
Modified SWpolicy.ini
Browser chache moved to drive E:
System cache moved to E: Exclusive
AlarmClock Screensaver
New sysapp mods:
Disable Charger notes.
Disable PSM notes.
Disabled volume damage popup in music player.
Long press power button reboot ( big thanks to Somin.m? / wadowice for this )
Disabled Active diverts Note ( thanks to tipinaya for this )
Disabled connection error PopUp. (the popup will appear only at first attempt of data access with mobile data off , connuuiutils.dll is moded , you can use it separately as well , no need of external .rXx patches )
Disable Site Query PopUp.
Disable PSM auto
startup screen and sound moved to drive C:\data\Startup

Direct Link- 7.1

List of Changes Awakening 7.0:

Language: Netherlands, English, Francais, Deutsch, Italiano, Português, Español, Türkçe, Hungary
Menu LED is red when charging
+22 Equalizer
Increased Heap Size
Music Player, Slide Show, Animation, Anna, screensavers
Pure Font FP2 Harmatttan
Rompatcher+ fp2 (all patches Belle) automatically starts
Startup screen modded
Splashscreen modded
Editable 4x5 menu, added more folder, sub folder and rename all event
RSS Awakening
Revised Start Page, Profile, fm transmitter, startup and display up to 100, and can be all deleted!
Square black transparent widget pack
Nokia keypad of their five-page symbol options
Call waiting and call time display is activated
Keylock 60 seconds
Call waiting is activated
When answering quiver and demolition
Message Delivery Report enabled
Sms full character support is enabled
Notify pop-up1s blocked
Registration and registration Ovi sms blocked
Accelerated Kinetic Scrolling
Accelerated Screen Rotation
CPU and GPU accelerated, and optimized for the kinetic scrolling and theeme effects
Rotated ScreenSaver
Memory card icon is activated
Extra icons in the Power menu (Speaker of the sysap.exe quieter, so the correct patch added)
After restarting, the download will continue
Send protected files the original Filebrowser
Nokia accelerated keyboard input
All the emoticons on your keyboard (browser, etc ...)
Rom Hack
System show the .mif files

Boot: Calendar, Clock, Messaging, Phonebook will not start

Z: \ data \ mods \ folder contains: original eq presets, Joshlog 808 Base Patch (+ Original .MIFs), MENU MOD 3X4, Theme Effects C : drive. Only Copy Paste to drive C: !

The download folder containing: RM-807Awakening7.zip(core,rofs2,rofs3 and etc.)
RM-807_Wakening7.uda.zip(uda file)
Export.rar(deleted apps from the clear uda)
Clear uda.rar(Clear uda)


And Screen shot's:I

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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