Monday 10 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM-596 Nokia N8 Epis Belle v1.3 Belle Refresh

Nokia N8 RM-596 (Belle Refresh) - Epis Belle V1.3  

This is my CFW for Nokia Belle Refresh namely Epis Belle.
DO NOTE that this CFW is English only.
Thanks to Freaxs_r_us cause I use his CFW as a base..
The Firmware has (+-) 215MB free space on C:\ 

RM-596 Nokia N8
Custom Firmware
Epis Belle

v.1.3 (UPDATE)
additional widget
- notification widget from anna
- compact music player
- small text clock
- small analog clock (very small like shorcut icon)
- note widget from FP2
remove sound
- all sound from belle refresh removed
- sound from FP2 only
new menu arrangement
- menu arrangement by lt_J with some modification
apps update
- new store v3.30 (18)
- tactile feedback for second call by lagoskon (thanks to him)
- smiley across all applications by ichris701
- screensaver off by default
- bluetooth name chage to Epis Belle
- mif recognizer removed from rofs, u need to install as usual

All in one file : Epis Belle V1.3.rar
core only : Epis Belle V1.3-CORE
rofs2 only : Epis Belle V1.3-ROFS2
rofs3 only : Epis Belle V1.3-ROFS3
uda only : Epis Belle V1.3-Uda

For those who want to stay with 1.2, can just download rofs2 only.
For those who want new Nokia Store 3.30 (18), can just download uda only.

- photo and video editor fix
- meego style conversation

- nokia store problem fix.
- phone model change to N8-00
- phone name will be Epis Belle

-default settings changed
-home screen settings/mod
-unlimited home screen mod
-first home screen can be deleted
-no widget arrangement only Music Player Widget on HS 3 ( can customize on your own)
-added background images (image from 808 thanks to PVN13)
-menu arrangement (thanks to Strategist)
-predefined settings for
-mod to rename all profile name
-epis will be default name for general
-default tone and message
-summary after call on by default
-show call duration on by default
-shown to all by default
-handset and speaker volume
-clock & calendar
-Default tone changed

-apps updated/moved
-Nokia Belle FP1 Taskmanager
-Video & Photo Editor moved to rofs
-added new widgets
-contacts, communications
-digital clock trublack provide by Selvasathyam
-FP1 keyboard
-New conversation mod
-FP2 tones

-browser mods
-removed all bookmarks
-removed default feeds
-set browser cache to infinite
-set as default homepage
-toplevel domains (com,net,org,se)

-music player mods
-music player search E:\Music, F:\Music
-music player heap to 30MB
-equalizer mod
-metadata editor

-kinetic scrolling improvement
-by ancelad

-hacked by
-disabled active diverts
-rename apps in main menu
-create subfolders in main menu
-alarm mod 2.0
-alarm tone duration set to 5min
-symbols for profiles and power button menu
-more symbols mod (5 pages)
-by contrinsan
-CPU & GPU modded for better Performance and Batterylife
-heap size & closing delay modifie
-more ram for apps v6
-"V" splashscreen

-support for custom startup animation
-name and place your files on e:\animations
- e:\animations\startup.mp3
- e:\animations \startup.gif
-folder "e:\animations\ created after first boot
-removed default startup animation & sound

-support for custom theme effects
-Casual Belle effect from Allstar123!
- effects are taken from z:\resource\effects
-copy custom effects into e:\effects
- folder "e:\ effects" created after first boot
-just turn on your theme effect after flash, and effects will work.

-removed stuff
-NOKIACOO ~0 when connected to PC
-fota cache to 0
-excluded some folders from gallery
-apps removed from startup
-phonebook, messaging, calendar, clock, log
-MyNokia is disabled
-no Nokia Account activation at first boot
-removed preinstalled apps
-Ovi Music
-Quick Office
-Adobe Reader LE
-Nokia Store
-Microsoft Communicator

-added application on rofs
-mifeditor (you need to install mif recognizer to make it work)

that’s all for now..

thanks to iextra7,the_one,PVN13,strategist,nicesoni_ash,allstars123,ichris701,
and many more..

if his/her name not in the list..please tell me, I will update it.
sorry guys..

download :

core : RM-596_111.040.1511_79u_prd.core.fpsx
rofs2 : RM-596_111.040.1511_02.01_Euro_2_79u_prd.rofs2.fpsx
rofs3 : RM-596_111.040.1511_C14.01_Germany_79u_prd.rofs3.fpsx
uda : RM-596_111.040.1511_U01.01_79u.uda.fpsx
Ape : RM596_APE_ONLY_ENO_11w36_v0.162.rar
Other files : OtherFiles.rar
hope u can enjoy it..



Remember that installing CFW's can brick your phone if you don't understand the process of doing it so use them at your OWN RISK.

EDIT : who have problems in commslauncher, please copy 10009d8f as attached to rofs2\private..i dont know why some have problem with it as for me it working.
MIFRecognizer 0.01(6).sis

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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