Wednesday 26 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 596 Nokia N8 Greek Belle Refresh Slimlight

N8 RM-596 GREEK Belle Refresh 111.040.1511 SlimLight & SlimModed v2 01.09.12  

Greek Belle Refresh 111.040.1511

Slim Moded v2 !!!!! 01/09/12

- Notification Widget FIXED
- Comms Launcher Added ( New favorite contacts launcher )
- New toggle widgets
- Metadata Song mp3 EDITING
- EQ presets AND EDITING !!!
- Landscape screen added
- No menu button light removed
- Nokia Panorama added

some mods are in English but working perfect ( there are not same files in Greek )

Zip contains full rom (all files ) . Refurbish needed for all additions to work ok

Link :

Slim Light : 127ΜΒ free on C, Only Hacked & RomPatcher . Nothing else removed and nothing else modded

Slim Moded : 167MB free on C, Apps removed , Mods added , themes added , Camera improved , etc etc . Good stuff

Slim Moded Music Plus : I have added mp3 tag editing , New equalizer and FP1 Task Manager working. Zip contains only ROFS2 . Copy it over the previous . With phoenix delete all other files in options ( except rofs2 ) and press Update, not Refurbish.

Slim Moded Music Plus :

SL link :

SM link :

Enjoy !!!

Gr Plus
Birthday Gift 111.030.0609 Fully Greek Fully Optimised  

Link : Gr Belle Plus

Official Greek Belle Slim & Moded by lagoskon

Full of widgets and Mods
C drive space = 171,8MB after initial boot

Hacked , optimised , fast cfw . Enjoy !!!!

Official Belle Greek only greek files hacked. 07/02/2012


Next days 2nd cfw with more widgets and mods

22/01/2012 : ALL MegaUpload Links removed   
New Greek Belle 111.030.0609 released by Taylor ( many thanks ) 22 / 12 / 2011
Hacked , Fully translated even the new widgets (99.5% accuracy)
Greek nontifications widget with Anna/Belle icons

Usual Mods , CPU optimised .

Enjoy . Merry Christmas to all

Attention everyone .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O F F I C I A L BELLE (nokia mistake Tmobile Poland) 111.030.0607 with Full Greek

Hero of sparta removed . Very stripped ( c almost 170mb ) , hacked , cpu tuned , other stuff fixed.

THE BEST BELLE untill NOW . CAMERA quality like AnnA . Quick Office working. Maps in Greek language.

ENJOY everyone the NOKIA BELLE power.!!!!

Zip has all files that needed for flashing. USE a new set of RM-596 folder. No need of anna files . Only the files i give you.
Before refurbish delete from options the 2 red files (EMMC & rofs3)

Bonus Gift :
From Surghikov Notifications widget ripped from Anna v25.007. translate FULL GREEK NOTIFICATIONS by lagoskon

You must have a hacked phone, Rompatcher 3.0+ or higher installed on your device, patch "Open4all.rmp".

How to install:
- Сopy the files to their respective locations in C:
- Remove the folder c:\private\200159c0\themes\ and restart phone.
- After removing the folder "themes" your homescreen setup will be reverted.
- Add widget on desktop

If this doesn't work, read:
Quote from: ashwinrajsr on 26 November 2011, 10:56
Works now. Just re-extracted the files again. Now it works!! No flashing is required!! (PS: First time you boot the phone after extracting and deleting the themes folder, you get a message with some critical error message. Don't worry everything will work just fine after that. Only thing is that your homescreen setup will be reverted to as it was when you flashed the phone. So you'll have to re-customize them. That's all.)
New Greek Anna v25.007 upd 16.11.11

1. New effects (core)
2. New Fonts from Belle (uda)

All the rest goodies as usual ...

Greek Belle 111.030.607 by ivo777 (thanks)

WEB browser is in English.
All the rest in Greek

Some minor translations are missing and some popups are in English.

Fully functional

At this time it can not be 100% Greek

But rom is SuperFast

Greek Belle Delight v3.3 ( thanks nicesoni_ash ) update 08.11.11

Full Greek lang & keyb

Also Maps 3.0.8 in Greek language

Full Greek Anna v25.007 based on official Balkans DG firmware


01. Added Latest Installserver ( by CodeRUS )
02. ROMPatcher+ v3.1 by IlSocio
03. Camera sound disabled
04. Camera digital zoom improvement
05. Voice recorder 12hrs at 256kbps stereo
06. Music folder search in E:/Music and F:/Music
07. Gallery will search in E:/Images and F:/Images
08. Homescreens customization : Upto 6 Homescreens possible (initially only 3 HS is available)
09. Lock screen in landscape possible
10. Disabled annoying active diverts note
11. FM transmitter now sends RDS "Nokia N8" and not just "Nokia"
12. Around 150 MB free RAM after reboot
13. Fixed WLAN and Internet connection logs (new mod by Coderus)
14. No Keylock Vibration
15. Extreme diet On Core , ROFS2 , UDA ( only Greek & English Files )
16. Full Greek Language and Keyboard ( English keyb and lang is included)

Bonus for E7 users

Greek Anna v25.007 hacked rofs2 & core files . Replace the files from Navifirm ( product code RM626_059D2W3 greece_cyprus_blue) with mine.

Installserver , Filemanager (from CODeRUS) and Speed UI mod applied

--------------------------------- Greek Belle full lang and keyb ------------------------------

Release Date 06/10/2011

Greek Full nicesoni_ash Delight v3.2 cfw for testing purposes (Thanks a lot nicesoni_ash)

Full Greek Language . Even in Nokia Maps v3.08.
Restore Text in HomeScreen Icons from CODeRUS is included in zip , if you want texts under icons in HomeScreen
Install in C and reboot.

Enjoy .

Zip contains only modified greek rofs2 file . You need the rest from the_one.89 v1.3.3 rom
[ Direct Link ] and relace original with mine.

GR Anna LK ModOFF (Mod..ed OFF..icial)

Official GReek AnnA fw 22.014 moded

* Strong Diet ( every other lang besides EN , GR removed both UDA & ROFS2)
* Hacked cfw (installserver & filebrowser from CODeRUS added)
* Bootscreen n Sound disable
* Browser cache to E
* Camera sound disabled (camera 2 sound is camera 1 if you want it)
* Disabled Active Diverts Note
* No keylock vibration
* N8 fm transmitter says "Nokia N8" , not "Nokia"
* Connection Data Logging FIXED by CODeRUS
* Nokia tips removed (deactivate them from MyNokia options)

This is the last AnnA N8 CFW I publish.

One exception :
E7 Greek Anna hacked, installserver & filebrowser by CODeRUS added, datalogger fixed,ActiveDivert Disabled , nothing removed .
(zip contains only core ,calibrated , and rofs2 , Replace the original ones )

Anna GR LK Official

Official release. Only Instalserver and filebrowser from COCeRUS added. Nothing removed . Enjoy Official fw

Last Update Greek Anna LKv3.0 based on ivo777 CFW 24/08/11 22.014 OFFICIAL ANNA (thanks ivo777)

My modifications from LKv2.0 are still here plus the excellent work of ivo777
Full Greek Lang & Keyboard & T9

REady for installing unsigned apps (Only way after DevCert's stop)

Full Changelog:

1.Active Diverts Notes is removed
2.Fully editable Equalizer in Music Player
3.installserver.exe for installing of unsigned applications
4.JAVA permissions mod
5.New gravity kinetic scrolling (now is fsuper fast and smooth)
6.MemCheck added
7.Vibration by lock/unlock the phone is removed
9.Added all drivers for conection between N8 and Nokia Ovi Suite
10.Startup animation and sound is removed (super fast starting)
11.My Nokia is disabled (the phone not sending SMS to Nokia after flash or Hard Reset)
13.RomPatcher+ 3.1 with working autostart (all needed patches added)
14.Hacked File Browser is added
16.Video Player 9.23.62 update added (subtittle support)
17.WLAN and GPRS is show in Log
18.Added new preset named ''ivo777'' in Equalizer (Music Player app)
19.Browser cache in E:/
20.Built-in Dictaphone now recording up to 12h and bitrate 256

Greek Anna LK v2.0 :

Fully Greek Official Anna (based on Baltian DG) strictly dieted (removing all other langs)
Hacked and some files by genius CODeRUS
Greek t9
No vibe keylock/unlock
Some fewer sounds plus one mine

VERY VERY fast cfw

Deactivate tips from Mynokia as I have removed them


I made Greek Anna with help of this forum ( importing lanquages, modify CFW , Nokia Cooker how to, ....) that is almost complete and fully functional. 

Greek Anna LK v1.0 :

Greek Lanquage Added (2nd lang is English)
Greek Keyboard
Greek T9
Working Greek FM Transmitter
Working Greek Breathing Light menu
New Wifi Network connect (from icon beside battery) screen fixed
No contact bug
Split Screen keyboard almost everywhere
Ovi Store & Ovi Maps fully working

In general I think is very good rom with very few glitches as it is based on leaked Chinese fw and it's not the original Greek.

Many thanks to ivo777 for making an excellent v1.1 CFW and to all forum members for learning how to add fully functional Greek language in CFW

You need 4th step . Just unpack the RM-596 folder from my zip to Phoenix Packages ( rename your original one) and flash with Dead USB option. Do all the steps except of that changing the core,rofs2 target files

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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