Saturday 29 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 113.010.1507 by huelif v2.9.2 updated

Nokia 808 RM-807 (113.010.1507) by huellif v2.9.2 [18/12/2012]

I provide my CFW for Nokia 808 with offical FP2 (113.10.1507.01.01), product code 059M956.

It's working fine and it's completly tested my german forum (, thanks to the users and testers.

Changelog 2.3:
- English and German only (as system and writing language), all other are completly removed
- Rompatcher 3.1 Fp2 with working autostart (incl. domainsrv and german)
- Installserver_log from coderus
- ID3 and Eq mod by strategist (with german translation)
- +12 additional Eq settings
- all possible Fp2 rompatches at e:/patches
- Nokia Store 3.30.018 in UDA
- Removed: Shazam, Youtube, Video Pro, Public Transport, Nokia Recommend, Nokia Music
- deleted weatherwidget COMPLETLY
- deleted carmode launcher
- completly uncompressed UDA/sys/bin
- UI and Standby mod by me
- changed some settings (for example profile, screensaver, display, browser etc.)
- added all possible TTS speakers (english and german)
- disabled theme effects
- moved theme effects to c:\resource\effects
- Fp1 widgetskins
- extended filemanager
- changed usuall homescreen config (up to 15 screens, 1 emtpy by default)
- disabled OVI signup
- X-plore (with customsettings) in UDA
- smilies everywhere
- german dictionary
- unlocked menu
- removed nokia evolve
- added Evlove Qt 2.95 as standart theme
- custom startup: put your startup.gif/.mp3 into c:\startup (and activate warning tones in your active profile)
- Nokia Pure Font with fixed metrics
- disabled system apps application caching

- fixed Photoeditor translation
- deleted useless theme file
- modded swipolicity
- modded heapsize cache and apps closing delay
- popup fade disable mod
- moved patches from z:/patches to z:/cfw/patches for easy updating, thanks to MoritzJT for the tip.

- enabled hidden operator logo settings
- deleted Nokia Product Improvment, thanks to the german user Symbian Fan
- Restart via longpressing the red key
- enabled datalog in log app
- Qt IAP beta (in ROM, fully upgradeable), thanks to MoritzJT for the suggetion!

- Qt Evolve 2.9.7, with Meego noticfiationbar (Look into 2nd post)
- Translating tweaks (e.g. I changed the app rename from "rename folder:" to "new name:")

- enabled OpenGl 2 ES Gpu rendring (smoother Ui, better battery lifetime)
- extended some cutted german strings, e.g. Mitteilung., Einstellung., radiowied., dlna play.or the musicplayer widget and fixed some bad translations
- Removed widget languages
- Moved phone as modem.iso to rofs
- deleted nokia bookmarks, added
- fixed x-plore update alert at first start, changed first start path to c:/
- reduced QtPopupFader to minimum (0.1) EXCLUSIVE
- integratd music compact and contacts, comms widgets (with full german translation)
- Sysapp mod by iChris701
- changed some default settings (menu order)
- added my camera creative mode settings

- added X-plore to sisregistry
- enabled dolby by default
- moved phone as modem to rofs2
- added In App Analytics updateable in CORE
- small german translation tweaks
- added huellif™ eq preset
- deleted nokia default feeds
- belle refresh notes and flip clock widget .mifs
- sip voip settings in ROM
- Sysapp 1.1 by iChris701

- black keyboard backround
- fixed modem to rofs (changed the related .txt file)
- evolve qt 3 (little bit modded by me)
- Sysapp 1.2 by iChris701
- added "Fast switching on the torch" patch by iExtra7
- added mifrecognizer
- fixed scripitinit for patches

- added AknCapServerMod (.exe and patch)
- added ChangelayoutSize 1.9 patch
- fixed some german translations
- added own Custom Version (huellif vx.x)
- added PtiEngine Mod FP2
- black keyboard backround in landscape, too (now it's black everywhere)
- fixed the invisible folderplay icon
- removed .mif recognizer

- removed AknCapServerMod (because bluetooth bug)
- repationized the firmware (now 655mb free space on c)
- added iExtra7's faster light mod to rofs
- added Internetradio (incl. widget) to rofs (english and german)
- added .mif recognizer and editor to rofs (i hide it from menu, because it works only via file manager or x-plore on fp2)
- small german translation tweaks
- added Read Z Root patch and UnlockFilemanager patch
- added iExtra7's USB OTG mods
- added SMSUnlimitedSendingRetries by iExtra7
- 999 days log by iChris701
- integrated SMS Update
- removed own custom version

- translated german textclock
- added textclock small by wirer
- replaced (big)analog and fm widet with original fp1 .mif's
- back: AknCapServerMod
- new Sysapp (fixed bluetooth)
- changed some rompatches
- added some mods to c:\data\mods (via scriptini):
- SnakeSoft's Quickrestart, with modded installer (includes reboot via longpressing "0" mod)
- WinRAR 1.01
- SIS Editor 2.01
- added CFW version in device manager
- added tactile_feedback_1.1 by ancelad into core
- added digitalclock small with correct english and german name
- replaced "Mobile dat." with "Net Data" (in notificationbar)

- fixed IAP errors
- added Wifi small
- DLNA Server small
- Contact, single small
- added SoundImprovement V3.3 into C:/data/mods

- Sysapp 1.4 thanks to iChris701
- integrated gps data to rom (with belle icons by Motaz)
- integrated player screensaver
- integrated Animation screensaver
- integrated SlideShowScreensaver
- added clock, analog - small
- Symbian Anna Notification widget, credit goes to Joe3, M4C351 and the_one.89, big thanks to them
(Belle Icons from peoresnada)
- replaced mobiledatatrackerwidget's background with FP1's
- added Belle FP2 theme effects base package to c:\data\mods
- changed the analoge lockscreen's clock with FP1's
- ynstallserver.exe in c:/sys/bin

- you can hardreset this CFW without bugs
- TTS shows a error after frist start (Restart the app), but it's working fine after a restart
- Please flash via refurbish
- DON'T restore your old settings, this will slow down the phone and brick some cenrep mods
- Feel free to share, mod and extract my CFW, but credit me
- If you want some mods or how to's: ask me!

- v2.3 (146 mb selfextracting .exe file) at Mediafire, Zippyshare
- v2.4 (146 mb selfextracting .exe file) at Mediafire
- v2.5 (146 mb selfextracting .exe file) at Mediafire
- v2.5.1 146 mb selfextracting .exe file at Mediafire
- v2.6 146 mb selfextracting .exe file at Mediafire
- v2.6.1 146 mb selfextracting .exe file at Zippyshare
- 2.6.2 Dropbox huellif v2.6.2
- 2.7 Dropbox huellif v2.7
- 2.8 Dropbox huellif v2.8
- 2.9 Dropbox huellif v2.9
Zippyshare huellif v2.9
Mediafire huellif v2.9
- 2.9.1 Mediafire huellif v2.9.1
- 2.9.2 Mediafire huellif 2.9.2

Thanks to:

Marco Bellinger, Coderus, Freaxs_r_us, iExtra7, iChris701, Gonizah, Stephan020793, kryak, somin.n, strategist, speedy24 (for some translations), Cahjoss, pvn913, mussiexxx, slayer33, MoritzJT, Symbian Fan, wirer, ancelad, SnakeSoft, Robo3737, varfolomey, Skull-ATOS, Joe, M4C351, peoresnada, Motaz and BIG thanks to the_one.89 and to all I forgott 


(from v2.9.2)

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...


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