Sunday 9 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM-356 Nokia 5800 STEALTH based on N97v30

Nokia 5800 STEALTH™ RM-356 Based N97v30 Released

Change in STEALTH™ from my previous version.

1. Minor speed improvements.
2. Blutooth change to Nokia Stealth
3. Profile name change to STEALTH.
4. Press "0" to switch Bluetooth Receiver by shinobi
5. By default, analog clock has been set.
6. Removed mini qwerty
7. Default theme Shiny black mini by daiva112
8. Removed help from menu functions.
9. Theme effects Under The Sea by ermsk8er
10. Swipe Clean HS
11. Faster scrolling in music player. Thanks to venu.
12. Decreased theme preview time. Thanks to venu
13. Prehacked Installserver with out crash with QT and Nokia smart installer By vova1609
14. Now install any QT app and run it.
15. Graphic mod by drakulaboy
16. 4x4 menu grid used
17. 7 page symbol by Abhy Boy
18. Notification in indonesian by Abhy Boy
19. Won't missing Clipboard after reboot by vova1609


CORE V52.0.007

CORE V52.0.101


QT and Mobility

Extra Pack

4x5 Menu Grid

For those who want 'Show Open Menu' back.Download this and put to Rof2/Sys/Bin/ or C/Sys/Bin/

Thank You GUys... Happy Flashing...


  1. doesnt even start after flashing, cannot even see startup image, something is WRONG

    1. May be you flashed it wrong. Check the tutorial and try again.