Saturday 22 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 356 Nokia 5800 PRO|MOD v2

RM-356 -=PRO|MODv2=- CFW v60 c6 port w/ n97 elements 18.dec.2012

*BOOT animation, images and sounds*
all in e:/nevar27/boot

phone memory = 76mb-78mb
ram = 56-58mb

114.99mb disk partition
port of c6 with n97 elements and repartition by me

First of All i want to thanks ALL the members of the FB group (Symbian Touch Screen (s60v5 and s'3) users Tambayan) where i am a member and admin. thanks guyzz for boosting up my knowledge in terms modification. you help me a lot in this release guyzzz!

how to install:

1. reformat c:/

2. delete e:/data

3. now extract nevar27 { } in e:/
its should be like this e:/nevar27/boot

*now flash using my flash file*

*need ovi store? just install the sisx fix i provided in my file

a. set the topbar
b. DONT set belle clock
c. install exemaster.sisx and set menubar as RUN
d. Restart phone and resume normal usage of phone


First of all want to give thanks
and proper credits to my FB groupmates:


1. Jhong Martinez -> new Font symbols
-> Clock skin
2. Algie _> for the zipper watermark
3. LOlo Julius -> for fixing menubars
4. manong Ramzkie -> for my base in editing the topbar skin
-> for the menu bars
-> for the Clock skins
5. if i missed to mention YOU im sorry just PM me and i will be glad to add you


-=PRO|MODv2=- changelogs:


1. default theme is change to Blu Blaze by giulio7g
2. notifier idle msg is change to -=PRO|MODv2=- has no missed calls,events & msgs
3. general profile is change to -=PRO|MODv2=-
4. cfw date released is changed to 18.Dec.2012
5. dialer icon i now 3dots credit to original sharer
6. font is change with new navi bars symbols credits to Jhong Martinez for the symbols
7. menu mod is 4xINFINITE as default (changiable)
8. Belle Refresh power menu mod with symbols is injected (credits to original sharer)(remodded by me)
9. "Restart" option in power menu is change to "Reboot!"
10. "Goodbye" msg when you shutdown is change to "See yah!"
11. 4 row keyboard (credit to original sharer)
12. icon lock is now present in swipe to unlock background (credits to original creator)


1. mediabar bug fix by me
2. menuswup is now working fix by me

**cenrep mods**

1. camera replenish RAM after close
2. disable Ram eating apps running background
3. startup sound is lessen by 20%
4. open and close of apps is remmoded to .25 secs by me
5. Browser agent is N8 by me
6. Bt name is change to -=PRO|MODv2=-
7. Music scan E:/PROMOD_MUSIC


1. N8 codec is added (credits to original creator)
2. n8 equalizer is added (credits to original creator)
3. new sets of equalizer presets
4. Music scan E:/PROMOD_MUSIC

**Ported N8 browser by me
**added disableRedRecordingLED patch by Marshall.87

*****Some of the mods are remodded by me for better fluidity
but the credit will go to the original creators of the said mods.





credit to original sharer

**note flash with my core ONLY..



-back light time out 10secs
-power saver on 15sec after inactive
-voice recognition sensitivty volume 10
-voice default volume 10
-auto lock 25secs after inactive
-recording quality is set to MP4
-recording path is memorycard a default
-max recording time is 720mins
-character encoding supports all charater
-sent message count set to 999
-player volume is set to 80% as default
-real player set to full screen as default
-Bt name is set to PRO|MOD
-menu busy circle is set to azure style
-application policy mod is perfected by me
-browser cached mod to c:/ for faster and more efficient browsing
-tap to ulock is change to swipe to unlock
-swipe message is -=PRo|MOD=- by me
-swipe style is IPHONE
-light behaviour is perfected
-heap size is maximize by me
-rotation speed is set to LIGHTNING by me
-sensor sensitivity is modded by me
-UI acceleration is modded
-video quality is modded
-default profile name is set to PRO|MOD
-music path mod "scan at e:/Music"
-music player heap size is increase up to 30mb by me
-media player set to max
-vedio player is set to max
-auto rotation is ON
-them effect is OFF as default
-improve wifi sensitivity
-startup message is set to "FeeL d' PRO|MOD" by me
-startup volume is set to MAX by me
-install server is modded for permanently hack
-no scroll bar mod
-battery is modded to attain LONGER GADGET USAGE by me
-BELLE ui mod in menu
-open/close od apps set to fastest ever .5 secs by me
-default icon pack is modde (thanks to the original sharer)
-theme effects simple but great ^_^
-default font is BEATS font modded by me ^_^
-i forget some others heheh ^_^

1. conversation is preinstalled
2. iSMS is preinstalled and it is located to messaging
iSMS has 10 default skins
3. top bar is preintalled and auto run
topbar has a modified v3 skin with ligh controll
4. belle clock is preinstalled
belle clock has 7pcs modified clock skins exclusive for PRO|MOD users
5. BT switch is preinstalled
6. killme is preinstalled
7. changeFX is preinstalled
before running changeFX, do turn c2z and open4allRp+ patch to avoid error
8. rompatcher is preinstalled with the following patches:
*Install everything
*Install server RP+
*Kastor UI
*show hidden d:\
9. menubar is preinstalled with modified shortcuts
it is landscape and portrait modded
10. menu swap is also preinstalled
11.autoinstaller is also preinstalled
*drop six or sis packages in e:/thinkchange
12.memcheck is also preinstalled
13. filebrowser is also preinstalled
14. DZmusic is also preinstalled
15. Superscreenshot is also preinstalled
*with modifies watermark.mbm exclusive for PRO|MOD users
16. Keylock
17. googlemaps

-my nokia
-voice command
-message reader
-ovi sync
-ovi music
-hera and now
-SW update
-share ONLINE

**NOTE** it is tried and tested no problem in usage and installation of PYTHON, QT and OVI 

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...


  1. I am planning to try this CFW on my 5800, any bugs noted so far?