Thursday 6 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 697|816 Nokia C5-03|C5-06 Excellent Mod v2 v23

Nokia C5-03 RM-697 v.23 and C5-06 RM-816 v.23 Excellent Mod v.2.0 by igor302

Integrated applications:
• RomPatcher + 3.1
• Conversations
• MemCheck
• Kill Me
• Autoinstaller
• In the folder E\ThinkChange\E such programs:
- Opera Mini Next
- DzMuiscKey
• domainRp

Removed or turned off:
• Help Files + click "Help" in all applications
• Standard Themes
• Chat
• Voice commands
• Adobe Reader
• Quick Office
• Welcome (greeting when you first start)
• Music OVI
• Synchronization OVI
• OVI Store
• Search
• Share the Internet
• About
• Settings accessories
• OVI Contacts
• Video sharing
• Podcasts
• Shazam
• Disabled DRM

Visual changes:
• Change Font
• Replaced the effects of those
• Added themes Black UT, Blossom, Blue Bird, Rock and Stars
• Changed the menu hierarchy
• RomPatcher + has a new icons
• Changed the icon of the "key" to "lock" in Tap to unlock
• QWERTY 11x4
• Added a mini QWERTY
• Change the configuration of the kinetics
• Replace the "handle" on the other animations
• Add a contact picture by default if it is not worth Photo
• Reduce the top menu bar
• Swap button switch keyboards and close to the alphanumeric keypad
• Meego Mix Iconpack
• Codecs N8
• Equalizer N8

System changes:
• Integrated hacking - InstallServer.exe
• Now presentedin ROFS1, ROFS2, ROFS3
• Faster launch phone
• Nokia Browser updated to version
• Remove items "Go to Music store. Shop" and "Find in Music store. Shops" in Moose. Music player.
• Removed some startup processes
• Removed the restriction transfer SIS through a standard VAR. files
• Camera sounds are replaced by the sounds of Belle
• Disable Caching of some programs
• Added icons modes
• Characters are replaced with English layout
• Removed reserve FOTA
• Disabled greeting when you first start
• Disabled SMS sent when you first start
• Number of saved msgs. 999 posts
• Extended right for JAVA applications and SIS
• Change the size of HEAP and delay closing applications
• Edit ScriptInit
• Increase the size of the cache and disk cache moved to drive E
• Change the location of the cache folder browser - now the cache to disk E
• Change the threshold memory
• Change the setting of performance
• The player scans E \ Music
• Change the system cache
• Flickering light indicator is turned on by default
• When you first start off request the date and region
• Gallery scans images from specified folders
• Improved sensitivity Wi-Fi

Standard application settings \ Default Settings
• Enable screen rotation by default
• Change the phone auto-lock time
• Now shows call duration
• The volume of the headphones and accessories during a conversation 10
• time-out 15 seconds
• Keyboard by default - Alphanumeric
• Change the default browser
• Turn on the resume broken downloads in the browser
• Change the hierarchy of messages

Patches that are in the firmware:
c2z, Center Text, Install Server RP, Mega Bass Effects, ModKeyboard, NoBuiltinError, Open4All RP, TopBarPatch, Small Softkeys on Landscape



menu 4*4 and 4*5


Download Mod For C5-03
Download Mod For C5-06

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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