Sunday, 2 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM-697 Nokia C5-03 Revolve v23.0.015 Latin Moon Gold Final

[C5-03] Revolve v23.0.015 CFW Latin Moon Gold Final [09.16.2012]

Apps deleted:

Adobe Reader
Quick Office
My Nokia

Voice Commands
Enabled Notes
Acc. Installing
Ovi Contacts,
Ovi Sync.
Ovi Music
Ovi Store
Quick Search
Here and Now
Software Update
Sett. Wizard
Video Sharing
Video Search
Internet Phone

Added Modes;

headphones sound just FIX the problem to arrive
Qt Fix
bug fix during a call
navibar Added Belle.
chat icon has been removed.
Calculator icon lowered to 1.
new Nokia Ring Tones
Original Keypad lock side pressure direct open!
mailbox the messages have been removed.
Bookmarks changed.
default ring tone changed.
default message tone changed.
Wi-Fi sensitivity is improved.
Sensors accelerated.
CPUs was increased.
Screen refresh rate 40 (reduced to less than 55 Charging Location) fps.
dial pad Added icon is hidden.
dial pad was appointed to Flash home screen as a shortcut runs smoothly.
Nokia Suite software updates can be made.
USB Storage mode is set as the default
Theme Effects turned on by default
the browser cache, the phone's memory (Faster use)
Full screen QWERTY keyboard
threads Chats application
menu transitions accelerated .
Music Player reads E :/ music.
Menu layout is changed so convenient.
Install Server Hack was used.
Message Screen Symbian ^ 3 style of writing.
Extended Vertical Menu Mode performed.
Theme Effect Changed.
n8 font used for text.
N8-like touch sensitivity.
2 more was added to the theme.
Fota removed from the cache
''Message:'' Removed the compose message display
busy icon in the application changed.
Kinetic Scrolling was the best setting.
Camcorder video FPS rate was increased.
Music Player Heap size increased.
preferences settings has been changed.
Originally uploaded by Country Query does not exist.
My Nokia SMS Sending removed.
default theme has been changed + additional themes added.
WEBSITE home page is set up as a google.
extra home screen themes, including Flash Live.
Ramblow added


Note: The default language is Turkish. Change it to English in settings. Some apps may still be in Turkish. Get English versions online.

What's Involved?

Phoenix Service Software 2012 version
CFW Files

Download NaviFirm .

Download and install Phoenix.
Download original firmware files using Navifirm and place in the folder
C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-697

Now flash using phoenix. Use core and rofs2 from revolve package. Delete other files.
Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...