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Custom Firmware: RM- 356|588|625 Nokia 5800|523x|5228 FeelIt v5.1

Nokia 5800/523x/5228 - RM-356/588/625 - C6 v20 | FeelIt^5.1 : 100% bug-free FW!

Process takes less than 5 seconds


This CFW was made by me so our community can really enjoy their S^1 phone
Also, this CFW brings lots of improvements in relation to FeelIt^4. Underneath this CFW there is a lot of research made by me, as you'll notice by the new speed tweaks.
First of all: Credits. Other people's work has to be REWARDED! 
NP (naughtypope), Upakul, 008Rohit, mara-, babu.rajiv2007, Red X, vanila_ice, radelrama, shadowninty, Giulio7g, PiZero, LA, tehk7, and all FeelIt^5 followers

CFW information
Name: FeelIt^5.1 [Personal Edition]
Model compatibility: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
RM compatibility: RM-356
Base firmware: Nokia C6 v20 ported by PNHT
Languages: English included.


a bug fix: must see...


Visual Modifications


Dark (Nokia Theme Black) theme was added. It's also default theme.
White (justLight) theme was added.
Black (justBlack) theme was added.
Orange (Basic O) theme was added.
Colours (DigiFlowers) theme was added.
Light (Nokia Theme White) theme was added in Nokia 5230 phones.

ExtremeTouch theme effect package added [Exclusive Mod]. Lots of effects were modded, and you'll have an even greater experience.
To enable it, don't forget to go to theme settings and set Options>Theme effects>On.

Nokia N8 partial font

In some elements, Nokia N8 font was added.
It is noticeabily crisper in some elements.

Screens modifications

A simple and light splash screen was added.
A new startup animation was added.
A simple shutdown screen was added.

Performance Improvements

Hardware improvements

CPU frames render was increased. This will result in a smooth phone experience.
CPU graphics quality was decreased. Even though you won't notice any difference, phone will feel much faster.

Phone's heap size was increased. This will open applications faster.

Phone's application close time was higly decreased. Closing apps will be significantly faster [Exclusive Mod].

RAM caching was improved.
Phone caching was improved [Exclusive Mod].

Phone doesn't consume battery too fast.
GPS navigation is now more battery-friendly [Exclusive Mod].

Firmware improvements

Starter files were improved [Exclusive Mod].

Clock, Messaging and Logs startup apps were disabled, since they open fast enough and consume needed RAM.
Clock, Calendar, Camera and Logs actually exit when you push exit button.

Some apps like Logs, PenInputServer and FsMailServer are automaticly killed after 5 minutes of non-phone usage.

Ovi Contacts were removed. This will result in an increase of RAM.

Browser caching was moved to E:\ drive. It will result in a faster web browsing and in more space in C:\ drive.
WiFi scanning interval was reduced. It will result in a faster obtainment of Internet access points.
Lags in Messaging app were removed.

Now no useless content is copied by scriptinit.txt from Z:\ to C:\ drive, saving its free memory.

Application fuctionalities

Overall system

Nokia 5800 Transformation Pack
All system - PC Suite, MTP mode - is now recognized as a 5800 XpressMusic. However, PC Suite mode will load N97 functionalities instead.
In Browser, system is recognized as N97. This will able you to get programs with widget capabilities.
Default bluetooth name is now "Nokia 5800 XpressMusic".

No notification will be received in Java applications.
Phone is pre-hacked. This means you can install any application with no need of signing.

Now your phone warns you to release RAM when you have 10MB left.

Now phone's lights go out after 15 seconds.
Now phone's autolock is set after 20 seconds of screen inactivity.


Now you're able to have 5 rows of shortcuts.
Homescreen widgets are now more organized.


Menu is now organized according to 5800 default organization.
Some applications like Conversations and Ovi Sync were hidden.

Firmware updates

This application was completly disabled. It saves 5MB in C:\ drive and prevents you from bricking your phone.
Also obsolete "Check for updates" option was removed

File Manager

Now you're able to upload or send to other phones installer files.

Web browser

Now you're not bugged with security warnings [Exclusive Mod].
Now browser queries you if you want to exit it [Exclusive Mod].
"Rotate browser" option was added. Now you can have a landscape browser with no need of turning control.
After a crash, Web browser asks you to resume stopped downloads before the crash, even if phone restarts.
Default bookmarks were removed.

Music player

Music player only scans for E:\Music.
Music player's speed was higly improved and it is more battery-friendly now.
Some dependencies of music player are fully exited now [Exclusive Mod].
Some files like .wav can now be played without DRM protection [Exclusive Mod].
Original sound drivers were added. This will give you the original sound of your phone.
Now music player repeats music set automaticly by default [Exclusive Mod].
Now Kinetic Scrolling is faster specially in music player [Exclusive Mod].

Photos and Camera

"Share online" option in Photos folder of Matrix Menu was removed.
Photos in system folders, in "\Images\Backgrounds" and in "Images\Private" won't be scanned by the application.
Camera quality was increased. This way you can enjoy the real camera quality.
Default and maximum video quality was increased.
Selecting Camera 4 tone will silent your camera in any profile.


Conversations application was added. It's a very useful application that allows you to send and receive messages like in MSN.
"My folders" option was removed.
Default viewable sent messages number is now 900.
Clicking in right key in PenInput mode will add a blank space.


Now 24-hour and digital clock are shown by default.

Voice recorder modifications

Voice recorder has now a better recording quality.
Voice recorder is capable to record up to 12 hours now.


Operator Logo option is enabled in Phone>Display settings.
Call waiting feature was added.
Call volume was increased.
All bluetooth downloaded files go specificly to E:\Bluetooth [Exclusive Mod].


This is a multi-function app, that I've used specificly to get more free RAM.

Keep this app enabled to enjoy more RAM. Also, this app takes less than 1MB of RAM.
To enable more functions, backup C:\data\mDaemon.ini and edit it.

This app is installed with PNHT's AI. If you don't like it, simply remove it.

Bug fixes

Calendar bug

Calendar didn't show week days unless you switched week. This bug was fixed [Exclusive Mod].

Dialler and Kinetic Scrolling bug

In Dialler some icons didn't appear in Contact search.
Also, in some elements Kinetic Scrolling usage caused a blink in that list.

These bugs were fixed [Exclusive Mod].

Light bugs

All light bugs were fixed by mara-.
Charger lights bug is now fixed. Now only menu/white key is on, and turns automaticly off after few seconds.

Camera: "Already in Use"

Now Camera doesn't show warning "Camera: Already in use" when trying to delete a picture with front camera.
However, this will happen if you take a video or if you take a photo with secondary camera.

Two New E-mail options

Now Messaging app doesn't show two New e-mail options anymore.
Now Messaging app doesn't lag when scrolling through messages list.

Message reader

Message reader is fully operational.

RDS bug fix

Now, for the first time since v20, RDS is completly working.
However, it is slow grabbing radio's name.

Added applications

Embedded in Z:\ drive

* Conversations app from Vivaz
* RomPatcher+
* Battery-saver
* KillMe
* MemCheck
* FileBrowser
* AutoInstaller

From AutoInstaller

* mDaemon
* mRuntime
* Patches for RomPatcher+
* Notifications

Optional (install from AutoInstaller)

* Best ScreenSnap

Removed applications

* Converter
* Dictionary
* Ovi Contacts
* Chat
* Adobe Reader
* QuickOffice
* About
* Here and Now



Nokia 5800 XpressMusic:

RM-356 - CORE download
Nokia 5230 XpressMusic:

RM-588 - CORE download
Ported by 008Rohit and babu.rajiv2007

Nokia 5228 XpressMusic:

RM-625 - CORE download
Ported by 008Rohit and babu.rajiv2007

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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  1. hi dude as u knw m a big fan of ur blog nd regularly visit ur blog also.. U hv post so many awsum cfws.. Thnx
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