Friday 21 December 2012

Custom Firmware: Rm- 555 Nokia N97 Mini v30 SCL^5

Nokia N97 Mini | RM-555 | v30 | SCL^5 | 12 Languages Available

This is the 5th Release of SCL Firmware for Nokia N97 Mini (RM-555) based on the Official Firmware 30.0.4.
Tested by me (Nokia N97 Mini | RM-555 | Arabic).
MODS carefully selected to cater SPEED!


English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, Tagalog, Estonian, Greek, Vietnamese


* Symbian Anna Browser
* Updated Anna Icons
* Updated & Latest Build of Applications
- Ovi Maps 3.06 (688)
- Nokia Store 1.16 (6) (Rebranded Ovi Store)
* Some Bug Fixes
- Permanent fix of Camera Already in Use
- AutoStart of RomPatcher (Sorry, I missed this one on the previous release)
- Qt Fixed (I don't know what error was it in SCL^4, but currently, I can install Qt 4.7.4 in this firmware without errors)
UPDATE: Do not install Qt 4.7.4, or else, you'll have trouble installing Qt Apps. Stick to Qt 4.7.3!
- Wi-Fi Positioning Method now back (Sorry if it wasn't present in SCL^4, the creation of other languages confused the hell of me)

* Restoration of Nokia Applications
- Drawing
- Help
- Share Online
- Podcasting

* Removal of the Following:
- Bounce
- Global Race Game


1) Fixed Camera 'Already in Use' Permanently (Present in Original v30 Firmware)
2) Fixed Physical Keyboard Mapping for Arabic N97 Mini
3) Fixed Camera Zoom
4) Fixed Music Scrolling Bug
5) Fixed Messaging Lag


1) System
* All Drives Cached & Cache Increased
* Application Policy Modified
* AutoKeyguard Time in Settings Menu
* Background Applications Disabled
* Center Text (Both in Portrait & Landscape)
* Default Themes Removed
* Disabled Breathing Light by Default
* Extended Menu for Portrait Orientation
* Extra Tapping Sensors + AutoRotate Enabled by Default
* Faster Application Closure
* File Manager can now send Protected Files
* Greater Cache Capacity
* Hid PhotoBrowser, Conversations, & Download! Icons in Menu
(Conversations can be accessed in Messaging App)
(PhotoBrowser can be accessed in Photos Suite)
* Improved Heap Size
* Improved Rotation Speed
* Improved WIFI Sensitivity
* Installed Significant RomPatcher Patches
* N8 Kinetic Scrolling
* N8 Theme Effects (DDSv3)
* Organized Menu Structure
(Additional Folders change their names when you change system languages)
* Profile Widget Only at Startup
* Removed Check for Updates
* Removed FOTA
(Firmware-Over-The-Air will kill your phone)
* Removed Help & Download Items from Homescreen
* Removed 'Show Open Apps'
* Removed Startup Animation
(For Faster Bootup)
* Smooth Brightness Adjustment
* Super Startup
* Symbian Anna Icons
* Symbian^3 Fonts (+Symbols, Smileys Fixed)
* Symbian^3 Menu
(With 2x6 Grid same as Symbian^3)
* Tap to Unlock
(Swipe to Unlock is also available below)
* Writing Speed Set to Maximum

2) Messaging Application
* 4 Rows Keyboard
* 6 Page Symbols
(Except French, Polish, & Estonian Languages)
* Automatic Rotation of QWERTY-Alphanumeric
* Conversations in Messaging App
* Enhanced Alphanumeric Keyboard
* Full Screen QWERTYs Available for all Languages (Except Greek & Arabic)
* 'Sent Items' Set to 999 Messages
* Swapped OK and Mode Switch Buttons
* Symbian^3 Keyboard
(Not available for Greek & Arabic Language since it is not supported)

3) Contacts & Log Applications
* Removed Ovi Contacts
* Log Set to 365 Days
(English Language Only)

4) Media & Camera Applications
* Camera Exits RAM After Close
* Camera Zoom Fixed
* Improved Video Capture
(Maximized Video Encoder Frames)
* High Quality Voice Recorder
* Music Scroll Bug Fixed
* Music Player Reads "E:\Music" and "F:\Music"
* No Camera Sounds only when Warning Tones are Turned Off
* Nokia PhotoBrowser in Photos Suite
* Photos Application now has Delete Button instead of Share Online
* Removed JPEG Compression

5) Web Browser
* Removed Unwanted Bookmarks
* Browser Cache Moved to Drive E:\
(And all other application caches such as Nokia Store)
* Resume Downloads on Restart


1) BTSwitch
2) Conversations in Messaging
3) MemCheck (For Memory Check)
4) Nokia Browser
5) Nokia FileBrowser 4.5
6) Nokia Music Player 15.2 (1034) (Supports Music Lyrics)
7) Nokia PhotoBrowser 3D
8) Nokia Photos 1.0 (1) (Latest Build)
9) Nokia Store 1.16 (6) (Latest Build)
10) Ovi Maps 3.06 (688) (Latest Build)
11) Ovi Music 11.4 (1) (Latest Build)
12) RomPatcher+ 3.1 (Includes Several Significant Patches with AutoStart Now Working)
13) Strobe (For LED Flashlight)


1) ZIP Manager
2) QuickOffice & Adobe Reader Trial Suites
3) Welcome
4) My Nokia
5) About
6) Accessory Setup
7) Ovi Contacts
8) Boingo, Joikuspot, Vlingo, & Qik Trial Apps

1) JAVA Runtime Beta 2.1
* This has not been included in this release because morrah1990 has told me that this conflicts
with Opera Mini 4.5 which would keep reinstalling everytime the application is opened.

2) Qt
* In this release, Qt 4.7.4 can be installed properly. Tested by me.
* UPDATE: Do not install Qt 4.7.4 or else you'll have trouble installing Qt Apps!
* You can; however, install Qt 4.7.3 without any errors. Tested again by me.
* I advise you to stick to Qt 4.7.3 so that you won't have any trouble with Qt Apps.
* And DO NOT enable Install Server Patch in RomPatcher while installing Qt, or when you are installing Qt Apps from Nokia Store.
Qt 4.7.3 Package is available on the Other Mods Section.

3) TTPod
* TTPod can be installed and run well, without Patch4Run.

4) Arabic and Greek Users
* You will need to disable Alphanumeric-QWERTY rotation since no Full QWERTY is present.
If this is enabled, Handwriting will appear instead of the Full QWERTY when in landscape mode.
See the Other Mods Section.


1) Phone Memory: 265 MB

2) Mass Memory: 7.4 GB

3) Memory Card: Depends

4) Startup RAM: ~60 MB


* To install a Language Pack, open my ROFS2 with Nokia Firmware Editor 0.3 STD.
Click Extract --> Then Tools --> Language Manager --> Import/Export Languages
Click Import and Select the appropriate Language Pack.
You can install a maximum of 10 Languages. Greater than that would make your phone unbootable.

* My Language Packs are ONLY intended for this Firmware.
There is no need of any modifications for your specific language.
Just extract and flash.

* DO NOT USE my language packs with other CFWs!
This will break some/all the apps and for the WORSE, it might break the firmware
and brick your phone. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

* Only Estonian, Polish, and French Languages do not have the 6 Page Symbols

02 French
03 German
04 Spanish
05 Italian
13 Portuguese
27 Polish
37 Arabic
39 Tagalog
49 Estonian
54 Greek
96 Vietnamese

1) If you have integrated your own language using my language packs, that doesn't mean that you
can write using that language. That language must be in the ECOM and in the Keymappings so that you
can use it as an input/writing language. See below for further explanation.


* This section here corrects the Symbols appearing when you press the buttons in your
Physical Keyboard.

* The number denotes the Region Set.
Recognize 1st the number at the end of your ROFS2 File; if it matches with the
packages here, then use the package that has the same Region Set Code with your ROFS2

That is to say, if you have an Arabic Language in your ECOM and did not integrate Arabic Language Pack,
You can't use the Arabic Language as a Phone Language but you can write using Arabic Language.

2) On the other hand, if you have integrated your own language using my language packs, that doesn't mean that
you can write using that language. That language must be in ECOM and in the Keymappings so that you can use
it as an input/writing language.

3) And NO. There is no method in adding a writing language to an existing ecom. You will just brick your phone.
I already did it myself a lot of times. Trust me.

4) Below are the edited ECOMs that can support Full Screen QWERTY. I edited them myself.
Just copy - paste - replace and everything would be well.

For N97 Mini Based on Firmware v30:

01 (English, French, German, Dutch, & Bulgarian)
02 (English, Swedish, & Finnish)
03 (English, French, German, Italian, & Turkish)
04 (English, French, German, Spanish, & Italian)
05 (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Basque, & Galician)
06 (English, German, Slovenian, Croatian, & Serbian)
09 (English, & Greek)
15 (English, French, Portuguese, & Arabic)
19 (English, Indonesian, & Malay)
20 (English, & Tagalog)
21 (English, & Vietnamese)
24 (English, & Tagalog)
32 (English, French, German, & Dutch)
38 (English, German, Czech, Slovakk, & Polish)
40 (English, German, Russian, Estonian, Latvian, & Lithuanian)
47 (English, Arabic, & Farsi)

For N97 Classic Based on Firmware v22:

24 (English, & Tagalog)



* CORE Files (30.0.4) - Version 2
CORE Files (30.0.4) - Version 2
CORE Files (30.0.4) - Version 2 (Alternate Link)
(Same version to that of SCL^4)

* ROFS2 (English Only) ~ SCL^5
ROFS2 (English Only) ~ SCL^5
ROFS2 (English Only) ~ SCL^5 (Alternate Link)
(First release of SCL^5)

Just Extract to ROFS2 and Flash.

1) Disable AutoRotate Alphanumeric-QWERTY (For use with Arabic & Greek Langauges)

2) Swipe to Unlock (Replaces Tap to Unlock)

3) Facebook 1.0 (14744)

4) Qt 4.7.3

5) Additional Shortcut Bars on Homescreen


* If you're current firmware is 30.0.4; use the NEW CORE Files (30.0.4).

* If you're current firmware is 12.0.110 and you use my CFW, your firmware
version will be updated to 30.0.4

* Flashing with my CFW will disable you from using old CFWs based on

* Follow the same instructions in flashing.


* doctorly | For the VERY Significant Files
* dan-av | For the Significant Mods
* binh24 | For the Icons and Some Information
* vic1 | Tap to Unlock
* drigz | 6 Page Symbols
* LogonAniket | Theme
* sercczionelabus | Everything else in this firmware



Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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